The best time to bring your child to a "Big" amuse

Monday, August 21, 2000 10:22 PM
I bring this up because my daughter is now 48 inches tall. Before that I would only take her to smaller scale parks that appeal to youngsters due to the fact that if I took her to a big park when she was shorter I would miss out on almost all the coasters and thrill rides that require a taller height. Now that she hit this magical height (in my opinion) I took her for the first time to SFGAm. The beauty of being between 48 and 54 inches tall is you can ride most of the bigger rides and enjoy the kid attractions as well. My daughter was able to ride 4 coasters(could have been 5 but the Eagles line was to long), all of the flat rides and still was short enough to experience the 3 kids areas available at SFGAm. In my eyes I got my moneys worth including my own admission into the park. Just a thought to others on this post with young children. Sorry the title got cut off. I went a little longer than I should have.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2000 7:48 AM
My girlfriends daughter is well above the 48" mark and we still can't get her on big coasters. Athough this year she rode Leap The Dips, Exterminator and is now riding The Flyers at Knoebels. I was actually surprised with the Flyers since they can be scarier than the Phoenix and Twister. I guess in time she will ride. :)

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