The Best and Most Creative Motion Simulator Attraction?

Which motion simulator attraction do you consider the best? Which do you consider the most creative?

*Please don't include The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and the similar attraction at Busch Gardens parks. I'm referring solely to simulator attractions that only move the seats while maintaining a single position.

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star tours was pretty cool
Fair warning: This will likely get closed due to being a "best" topic.

But, here I go. I think there are 5:

In it's day Star Tours (DL) was beyond revolutionary. In the evolution of thrill rides it's probably one of the biggest milestones along with the first steel coaster, first coaster, etc.

Back to the Future was also quite an important development. (Though arguably more "evolutionary")

In the last 10 years the only creative or new developments are Spiderman @ IOA for obvious reasons

Soarin' over Califonia for it's new spin on a simulator.

And last but not least, Stormrider at's the most immersive and realistic stationary (not on a moving track) simulator ever and has several show elements new to it.

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Peabody said:
Fair warning: This will likely get closed due to being a "best" topic.
Ding ding!

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Closed topic.

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