The Beast during Haunt

A few days back the Kings Island twitter page tweeted that there might be something special about The Beast for Haunt? Looks like we be heading there on the Weekend of the 15th to check it out along with the half pint brawlers. This will be our first trip back in 6 years. If anyone has any insight on what they maybe doing to the Beast if anything please send the spoilers here.

From what I heard, they added fog to it at a certain section.......still be the same old trimed to death Beast. I will try it next Saturday when I go there.

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Was just on it this morning, VERY early this morning. There are a few things of interest. First of in the queue there is a serious of tombstones. One say "My Beloved Son" there is also a baby carriage with a "B" block in it reminiscent from SOBs opening marketing. There are 3 other tombstones with "H", "TG" & "R" with the heights of the lift hills of Hercules, Texas Giant and Rattler.

As to the something special, there is a prop and fog after the 2nd tunnel on the right hand side.

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Pardon me while I contain my excitement.

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Hmmm...does the Beast know something about the Rattler that we don't?

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