The Beast by RL Stine

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I'm sure this is old news to some. But, while perusing eBay, I became aware of the fictional books by RL Stine about The Beast. Not so interesting in and of itself. But, I found the eBay description of the books to be quite amusing.


In it, the seller claims the ride was inspired by the books. Seeing as how The Beast was build many years earlier, that's obviously not true. In addition the seller states that the coaster was originally located at Cedar Point before being moved to Six Flags. The seller claims to have ridden the coaster. I'm wondering if that's even true. :-)

On a side note, has anyone ever read the books? Any good?

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I've read them, a long time ago in my R.L. Stine days haha. The first one is a pretty interesting plot line I guess. Kids are locked in Kings Island, and somehow travel through time on The Beast to the park that used to inhabit that plot of land until a tornado wiped it out.

Wow, that sounds really terrible on paper haha. But for a young teen's story, I enjoyed it back in the day.

Second one... not so much. Failure all around.

Now time for a puzzle.. which would cost more.. to move the beast, or tear down its son?! :)

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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That's easy, moving Beast would cost way more. Especially since it's a custom built terrain coaster.

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I also read the first book some 15 years ago. I also thought it was good. Never read the second one.

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This was easily my favorite book throughout elementary school.


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I read it in 8th grade, or seventh. That was around 16 years ago. I read all his books st the time. They're children's books. I enjoyed them then but I likely wouldn't be entertained with them now. They were definitely written for juveniles.

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I read both books probably around 5th or 6th grade. I remember reading one of them in the car on the way to Kings Island. Loved the first one, hated the second one, although I really can't recall much about the plot in either book.

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