The Beast (book)

Thursday, August 24, 2000 8:43 AM
My niece has been reading the book "The Beast" by R.L. Stine. In the book it talks about an amusement park that was badly damaged by a storm. Yesterday my niece came up to me and asked me if the park (named Firelight Park in the book) ever really existed. I honestly had no idea and the best answer I could come up with was that it was fiction so no it didn't. It made me curious though. PKI is fairly young for such a big amusement park.

"...If We don't get you there in five minutes we don't get you there at all. ~Dispatch Master Tran
Thursday, August 24, 2000 10:43 AM
Well, I can tell ya that it didn't exist. Taft had to clear out everyone of the 200+ year old trees themselves to make Kings Island.

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