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Has anyone seen this on You Tube? I was looking around and stumbled across it. *** Edited 7/13/2007 4:43:33 AM UTC by lumpy72***

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Nice find!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Love how the track is banked on the turns. No, wait...

...never mind :)

the koyaanisqatsi like slo-mo section is my favourite. This would make a great backdrop projection for a party if it would be better quality.
Also, all the kids coming back from the ride with nicely groomed 70ies hairdos reciting their well rehearsed phrases of excitement... perfect!

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airtime for everyone
Neat video, and not bad quality, considering the video looks like it was recorded off air on an old Beta machine. Plus, the video is 25+ years old....
Mamoosh's avatar there's an obscure movie reference! Ever seen the sequels or the IMAX film Chronos?


PS - those haircuts can't be 70s as the ride opened in 81 ;)

Yea I saw that video a while ago. I never really like it because of the crappy look of it, but still a nice find. I love on the old suspened coasters how the turns arnt banked giving a lot better ride. I wonder how stress was on the wheels with the turns not being banked.

Timbers crew 08

I cannot believe how flat the track is in some of the sections. Yeah, that was doomed to failure. So now the debate ensues over the best reuse of a station; The Bat turns into Vortex, or White Water Landing turns into Maverick?:)
Don't forget the brakes on the Bottom of the cars. It would have had to stop swinging almost completely in order for the brakes to be effective.
I loved this ride! Excellent find!
I say, bring back the old Bat cars, modified, and get rid of the Top Gun theme!
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^I believe they've sold most of the "Bat-heads" from the cars so..........

Mamoosh said:

yeah, was my favourite movie for a long time!

Of the sequels I only saw "Powaqqatsi" and was quite disappointed by it - nowhere near the drive of the original film - more like an animated slide show with some nice music.
(not that that would be a bad thing in itself, but too little as a follow-up)

Looking at the video again, the connection to K. is rather loose (the little french-horn fanfare at 2:23 was triggering that for me)
The music in the "Bat" video tries to make the slo-mo coaster look creepy.
To use slo-motion recordings of suspended coasters for VJing however seems worth investigating :)

1981 - ok, let's make that "early 80ies haircut"
(I guess they do all look a little like Luke Skywalker)

P.S. I always wondered what became of the old 180-degree-cinema coaster movies they were showing at various fairs and theme parks around that time - I would really like to see some of them again now.

airtime for everyone
^I was actually in contact with somebody who had those film reels and asked him to transfer them to Video for me. Sadly, it never happened. He was a bigger nerd than I was.

Its of course easy today to say: look at that design desaster! Well, look at it! "Alpenflug" opened in 1974 on the Munich Oktoberferst and was torn down two weeks later, due to the same design flaws. Especially since Arrow was owned by German company HUSS at that time. They just HAD to know that they were on the wrong track with their design.

Notice the extreme head shaking that takes place on the reverse POV shots!

"It came from Arrow Huss" and went back there again in no time.

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