The Amusements of South Padre Island, Texas including my first bungee-jump

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Well, during the last week of July, my family went to South Padre Island, which is in the Rio Grande valley. I won't go into details on everything we did, but here are my opinions on the amusements we did. First thing's first: bodyboarding. I have my own board, and riding the waves was one of the best things I've ever done. Just lying out there coasting the swells was a blast. We spent all day Monday doing that. Then on Monday night, I went to make a 7-story bungee-jump at South Padre Island Gravity Park. All I can say is one word: sweet! The G-forces felt on your body are great, and the free fall is great. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I was flung around on the end of the cord. Finally, we went to Schlitterbahn South Padre. There are four Master Blasters there, and the Tempest was clearly the best one. I won't go into details on the place, but what I will say is that it may be small, but the park has big thrills, especially in the transportation system.

John Moore

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