The 4th best coaster at SFMM is???

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LostKause said:

I still hope to get there someday.

It's as great as it is disappointing. I think all of the original Six Flags parks have some combination of a charming older section combined with thoughtless expansion. SFMM is probably 50/50.

X2 was a surreal experience for me... Like I knew it would be crazy, but the ride experience was just unworldly. To this day, I never have ridden something just so mind blowing. Especially our dusk rides, it was just madness. It was bouncy, sure, but not 'rough' and did not take away from the experience for me. Thankfully, on the day we went, it was walk-on and we were able to ride it 6 or 7 times if I recall. Easily the best ride in the park and still in my top 3 along with Velocicoaster and Taron (for steel, if I had to guess...). As far as #4 goes? Hmmm... Maybe, uh, Goliath or Tatsu?

SteveWoA said:

Easily the best ride in the park and still in my top 3

That gets you some of your points back after that asinine suggestion you made at one point for the long rumored Cedar Point GCI to replace Magnum.

Steve's Top 3 +1 @ Magic Mountain. 1.X2 2. Taron. 3. Velocicoaster 4. Maybe Goliath/Tatsu.

We're collectively getting closer to solving this mystery, guys.

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This topic has way more legs than it should. Maybe someone should get its number under the guise of trying Venmo it a tip.

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LostKause said:

At the risk of rescuing this discussion from boring us all to death, let me tell one of my stupid stories, this one about my experience with Magic Mountain, a very, very long time ago...

You know, I love this post because it's so familiar. From the first time I went to Cedar Point there was a souvenir map on the wall of my bedroom, getting updated every few years when I'd bring home a new one. I sent away to every park I could think of for their brochures; I couldn't wait to check the mail to see if anything had arrived (it never occurred to me to actually request the map, but some of the better brochures would have one). And I endlessly drew my own maps of parks, usually featuring some variation on the Beast. Thanks for sharing.

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In my preteens and early teens, I frequented the local AAA for park brochures and maps. It was my library.

I spent a lot of time and effort on my masterpiece pretend amusement park map. I started it when I was about fourteen, and finished it when I was sixteen. I still have it packed away somewhere. It was the last park map I ever drew, because anything after that was "crap."

I wish my Mac could handle running Planet Coaster.

Pesonally, I don't ever need to ride X2 again. I had a couple good rides when it first opened... but my last ride it thought my head was a ball on the end of string attached to a paddle.

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

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I just wonder what Jeff's 4th favorite tree in Charmland is? ;)

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Oh darn I answered "Revolution" as my best coaster at MM, but that wasn't the question. And I've been trying so hard to read carefully these days...

My 4th best would be Viper

It goes Revolution and X2, then Ninja, then Viper. But wait! I got to ride Jet Stream in May for the first time since the 90s (so happy it was finally open) and that is a coaster, right? Cuz that's probably ahead of Viper. So, Jet Stream is my 4th best coaster at Magic Mountain.

Oh, poor Magic Mountain. Your variety of rides is gone and your hills are covered in garbage.

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So, I haven’t been to MM since my honeymoon 15 years ago (right before Tatsu opened)… but am going back with the family THIS WEEK!!

Current Top 4:

1. X2 - (seriously mind altering… 2nd best thrill on my honeymoon & still favorite coaster ever)

2. Scream


4. Viper

Anticipated New Top 4:

1. X2

2. Twisted Colossus

3. Tatsu (I saw they are testing and I am praying it is open¡)

4. West Coast Racers or Full Throttle

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