Texas Sky Screamer a.k.a. "Wow, that thing is tall."

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Finally got on Texas Sky Screamer today after a couple failed attempts from weather and laziness. Was on the 1st and 4th dispatches of the day.

Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with the ride. I've ridden the 150' version at SFDK and didn't get too much out of it and tripling the tower height really didn't make much of a difference. Sure, it's tall, but it doesn't feel that much taller than Titan or S:ToP. I guess I just don't get it. That said, a lot of other people getting off the ride were saying they thought it was awesome, so...

My one ride on NTG bought a smile to my face though, so if Sky Screamer keeps the lines for NTG shorter, I'm all for it.

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