Texas racetrack will build America's first tilt roller coaster

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The Circuit of The Americas race track complex is planning to build an amusement park, including a tilt roller coaster called Circuit Breaker.

Read more and see video from KTBC/Austin.

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Damn clickbait, I had to go to the link to figure out what a "tile coaster" is!


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Where do I send my deitor fees?

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Has anyone been to CotA? I'd love to spend a weekend there for F1, but it's unlikely that would happen this season.

The original tilt coaster in Lihpao Land is a great ride. Y'all are in for a treat.

Vegas F1 in 2023 will be interesting, might be easiest to do than Austin

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Yeah, Vegas should be great, it’s supposed to be a street circuit incorporating a mile of the strip as the main straight. Not sure I’d prefer it over CotA in person, though. Plus I’ve never been to Austin.

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Is Vegas a Lemon Chill guy rumor? I looked into Miami this year but it sold out immediately and the secondary market is in the thousands per seat.

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F1 hates poor people.

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eightdotthree said:

Is Vegas a Lemon Chill guy rumor?

It's more than a rumor at this point.

Shades said:

F1 hates poor people.

I probably shouldn't admit what I paid to watch the Singapore race a few years ago. On the plus side, I did have a fairly awesome seat next to the start/finish line.

F1 will announce Vegas this week. Date is planned for November 2023

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That could be sweet. The presumed circuit looks atrocious but I am hopeful that it will get refined as time goes on.

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I like the course. More straights means more opportunities for overtaking. It’s going to be a Saturday night race as well.

But hey, how about that tilt coaster?

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Layout was revealed, according to some Facebook page that randomly showed up in my feed.

The element directly following the first drop looks nuts. Vekoma is hitting it absolutely out of the park right now. I hope that more American parks start looking at their rides!

Well call me stupid. I thought by tilt coaster they meant that the cars tilted when they went around a corner.

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It has been so long since the last tilt coaster that it could be forgiven if no one really knows what it means.

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Not to be confused with the Broken Rail Roller Coaster which is way up there on my list of favorite coaster names.

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