Texas park Joyland announces closure, possible auction

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From the Facebook post:

It is with mixed emotions for us to announce that Joyland will not be reopening. Joyland will be auctioned on October 27, 2022, if an interested party, with a viable offer, is not found by October 1, 2022.

We have been blessed with 50 years of wonderful memories, fabulous employees and amazing guests who have all touched our lives.

The thread of flooding in Mackenzie Park, struggling labor fulfillment, continued vandalism and our aging bodies are all contributing factors in this decision.

We would like to thank all of our team through the years who have helped keep Joyland a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

Never forget the importance of having fun... for the greatest legacies we can leaver are happy memories!

The Dean Family

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This makes me sad, but I’m not sure why. I’m far from Lubbock and don’t see a reason to go anytime in the future.
But my heart always aches a little to know that an amusement park is closing. We tend to take places for granted, forgetting that they’re owned by families dealing with their own life experiences. I suppose it’s no different than if they had owned a supermarket or a restaurant. Unless there’s someone to take over it will eventually close.

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"The thread of flooding in Mackenzie Park, struggling labor fulfillment, continued vandalism ..."

If you're trying to get someone to buy your park, this probably isn't what you should lead with.


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I don't know - sounds like it might come at a pretty deep discount.

I think the auctioning or sale of equipment would be the most profitable way to rid themselves of assets and keep rides that are viable still in circulation. The park has nice, modern rides like a Music Express and a Freak Out that I’d think would be attractive to a traveling showman. Then the land could go separately for whatever it’s worth (or not worth).

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Major bummer. A friend went out there last year and couldn't stop raving about how much fun it was. We've lost so many great (once great/struggling) parks. Maybe they could find a new location?

By “they” do you mean the current owners? I think they’ve made it clear their interest is in retiring.
If I had a museum I’d be interested in the cool neon sign that hangs over their gate.

Joyland does not own the land. Most of the rides are portable including the log flume. There is a good mixture of classic and newer rides. I believe the merry-go-round is a C.W. Parker model.

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