Texas Giant flying off the tracks.

Hi. I just wanted to share a video with other coaster loving folks. And I'm wondering if the Texas Giant is supposed to feel like this.
From my perspective it was flying off the tracks and way more jerky and dangerous feeling then it was intended to be. But other people are saying it is supposed to do that and tricks you into thinking it's in disrepair.

So here's my video. What do you think?

I'm confused about what you are saying. It doesn't really fly off the tracks. Otherwise, they would never be able to run it. It's a painful ride!! In fact, I think it's the most painful ride I've been on. The second most painful ride I've been on is the Mega Bounce at Cypress Gardens made by ARM.

The third would be the roller coaster Typhoon that was at Santa's Village. That ride has supposedly moved to a carnival called Ray Cammack Shows.

Haha First Of All:

Six Flags and it's employees do not recommend taking video cameras onto rides. There are a few reasons for that:

1. You might lose it.

2. You might hit yourself with it.

Okay, back to Texas Giant:

That ride really hurts. I don't know why anybody thinks it's fun... people are crazy. I accidentally rode it in the back, bad mistake will never do it again. When we slowed down, maybe even stopped at the midcourse brake, I was serious when I told the "midcourse brake attendant" I wanted off... it was not fun at all.

To go with that, I don't think it's in disrepair, they keep really good care of that ride and all woodies, they have to... woodies require more care and attention than regular coasters. Also woodies are generally more painful. I guess when you combine more painful in general with the excessive speeds, steep drops, and quick turns of Texas Giant you get a combination that many do not appreciate at all.

Somebody who likes this ride please tell me why? And I know people like it... it proudly claims its spot as the Number One Wooden Coaster on the planet (from 1999 I believe)

If It Ain't Broke, It Must Be Fixed

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I still do not understand the comment about it flying off the tracks... And why is this posted both here and in the TR forum?
If it IS an onride video taken by the poster, this thread--and his account--may not last long.

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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RollerRat - The trains running on the Texas Giant have both road wheels (the main wheels that run on the top of the track) and up-stop wheels (these are on the underside of the track and "lock" the train to the track to keep it from flying off).

It might feel like it's coming off the track but it is not. What you are feeling are the negative g-forces designed into the ride that give the sensation of floating or rising up off one's seat.

Additionally the ride is equipped with guide wheels, running along the inner side of the track on both sides of the train, which guide the train along the track, and keep the road and up-stop wheels from going off the track.

If It Ain't Broke, It Must Be Fixed

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TG was one of the worst coasters I have ever ridden. I personally feel its getting into the disrepair stage, but thats just me. Watch the train go around the first turn off the first drop and tell me that it doesn't look ridiculously dangerous. One of these days its just gonna pop.

I know wooden coasters flex, and its part of their design blah blah.

Wooden coasters flex, it's part of their design (haha)

If It Ain't Broke, It Must Be Fixed

It's too bad to hear all these negative comments about Giant. I rode it back in 2004 (doesn't seem like that long ago!) and it was really great. It had been raining all day, so maybe that helped, but I loved the backseat. I remember getting off and thinking this is what Mean Streak SHOULD have been like.

I guess since then they've let it go a bit.

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The only bearable rides I've had on it were front seat at night and then it's actually decent. Not great, but decent.

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As of 4:00 EST it's been taken off (atleast a 404 is there haha)

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You must be made of rubber. Texas Giant hurt me so bad I swear I was seeing stars.

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^^^Parker, my rides were about the same time as yours, and I echo your sentiments *heartily*. i didn't like Giant...I LOVED it! :)
Having just ridden Giant in August, it placed fairly close to the bottom of my list on Mitch's poll this year. I ranked it 81 out of 87 woodies I've ridden. Rough and meandering...I didn't care for it.

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Funny, I don't think I've ever seen such a broad range of opinions on a coaster. Giant is in my top 10. Then again, I never rode anywhere but in the front seat, and I don't mind most rough coasters (i.e. I like Togos).

For the record, the camerawork in that video is seizure-inducing, and not just the POV.

I'm glad you agree with me Bill. It means I'm not going crazy. ;)

I would almost not want to ride it again if it's that bad now, and I'll hold on to my memories of an aggressive, but very entertaining coaster.

For me, the jackhammering at the bottom of the drop was simply unacceptable. That is the only time ever on any roller coaster that my back legitimately hurt. Too bad, because the ride has a great layout...takes the cake for roughest ride though.
Never rode it.. the word i like to use is Milkshake

Milkshake- when your brian gets the beating and it feels like liquid

My bottom is the Boss and Son of Beast.. can't be that bad can it?

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

"Flying off the tracks" is an effect that can be experienced on many coasters - it's called "airtime" - but no worries, rides are designed to lift you out of the seat and make you feel like you're about to be ejected, it's part of the "out of control" catastrophic aspect of coaster dramaturgy design - that I personally never really liked.

For me, the boundaries between "fake catastrophy" and "that ACTUALLY hurt" have been crossed too often, especially by wood coasters.
I've had so many rides on wood coasters that made my spine feel seriously displaced that I am reluctant to even ride one at the moment.
They also tend to get rougher and rougher over the years.

airtime for everyone

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