Texas Giant closed last week

Thursday, July 16, 2009 11:59 PM
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I always though that it meant that one or more wheels had come off the rail or rails, and not an entire car or cars of a train. Web definitions that I have come across within the last few minutes are very simple, and mostly say, "To come off of a track". That's what the wheel did, but not the entire train, so I suppose we could say that the wheel derailed, but not the entire car.


Saturday, July 18, 2009 3:18 PM

Ok, let's focus on what wheel actually came off.
It was one of the four up stop wheels on the last car.
What does an up stop wheel do? It keeps the train from flying off the track while cresting a hill.
It does not even touch the track, when the train is on flat track, or in a drop.

So the car did not Derail, and would have only been dragging on the tops of hills.
My thoughts are it probably wasn't even rough, or scary.
It just simply slowed a bit on tops of hills until it valleyed somewhere.

For it to actually derail- both up stop wheels on the same axle, and the back up plates would have too fail, and allow part of the car to rise high enough for the guide wheels to come out of the guide rails, then it would actually be derailed.

But as usual, the media has to make mountains out of coaster hills.
Honestly it amazes me that between: Greedy patrons, Bloodsucking Lawyers, And Bad Media- any park can survive.

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