Temporarily closed Disneyland attractions will offer alternative experiences

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Beginning this month, Disneyland park guests will have unique, limited-time opportunities to experience some of their favorite attractions in new ways while they're closed for refurbishment or other construction around the park.

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Well, that's interesting and creative. And it's something, at least.
I usually visit WDW in the winter and find the same attractions closed just about every time (Splash Mountain comes to mind right away). It would be fun to have a (safe, of course) behind-the-scenes peek of those things. Maybe if this is successful the Florida parks will try something similar, although granted, a once a year refurb isn't nearly as long or involved as what DL guests will endure.

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Splash Mountain is only supposed to be closed for a few days this year, I think this week or next, actually. Hooray!

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