Teenage girl tossed from flat ride at Sandspit Amusement Park

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A 15-year-old girl came out of the Rok-n-Rol ride at Sandspit Amusement Park in Cavendish, P.E.I. She was left with scratches and bruises and was transported to a hospital.

Read more and see video from CBC News.

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This is really awful that anyone had to deal with this and glad that there were no serious injuries. But something is really strange with this incident. It's been all over the news on various national outlets and the family members are giving various accounts of the incident through tears.

The park manager that gets interviewed seems a bit defiant by saying "thing happen". It seems like a really odd way to handle a major PR issue for the park. Things tend to move at a more casual pace on Prince Edward Island but this is weird.

Rok n Rol, a retired Chance product, is similar to the Herschell Looper. The restraint is thick woven or leather band that slides through a belt buckle type of device on the outside of the car. However, the cars are not single seats facing each other, like a Looper, but are wider to hold two adult passengers or perhaps three children on each side of the tub. Also, in this particular version, the tubs flip by an automatic kickplate on the backside of the ride. Once again, unlike the antique Looper, riders are not in control of the loop.
I've always been slightly distrustful of those restraints as it seems as if they might easily come loose or could be tampered with during a ride. And two people of different sizes sitting side-by-side would certainly cause it to be looser for the smaller of the two.
It's a shame this happened.

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Thanks for the info on the ride RCMAC. We visited the park a few years back. I'm a big fan of the old Schwarzkopf Wildcat but not a big fan of tumbling upside down so we skipped this ride.

It sounds like the belt wasn't tightened enough or the two riders were not the same size. I remember this type of restraint on the Roll-o-plane rides or some variant of it. Not sure I'd be comfortable tumbling around with just that belt holding me in place. Surprised insurance companies would still go for something like that.

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