Teen dies after fall from drop tower ride at Orlando's ICON PARK

Horrible. Prayers to this kids family.

but how does this happen?


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There is a lot of speculation going on about what happened, mostly due to a video that shows the incident. I don't plan on watching that, but I am very interested to know why this happened. I've watched a few videos of enthusiasts riding this thing and I had no clue it was built by the park itself. I feel so incredibly sad for this kid's family. To have to watch something like this happen...

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I'm pretty sure the tower is a Funtime, and not an in-house build, but I'm not 100%

I inadvertently watched the video because someone sent it to me and it wasn't labeled as an accident or anything so I thought he was sharing something fake or funny - I watched it twice before I realized it was real, and it's pretty terrible.

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