Tattoo on a roller coaster

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I know some people have tattoos of roller coasters, but this freak show got a tattoo while on a roller coaster.

Jason Hammond submitted this as news, but I couldn't bring myself to post it as such. :)

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The tattoo turned out better than I had expected.

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Came here to link to Henry and Off-Road tattoo. :)

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So Gonch, tell us where you put that RCT tattoo...

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And here I was all excited to read about yet another crazy assignment the little guy must complete for Mr. Roarc.

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Welcome to FantasyBuzz....

Boss, the train, the train!

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After a ride on Son of Beast:

"Boss, the pain, the pain!"

After a catastrophic rollback on Wildcat's lift hill:

"Boss, the chain, the chain!"

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This reminds me of a snapped cable accident on an Intamin launcher for some reason.

(Edited to change the word "wire" to the word "cable".)

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Oh. Way to kill all the fun here, Debbie Downer..... :)

He's far from a Debbie Downer, but the joke worked well reading back. Wah waaah.

They should tattoo while sky diving

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At least they picked God to get it done on. (missing me some PNE Coaster goodness right about now)

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janfrederick said:

So Gonch, tell us where you put that RCT tattoo...

Hopefully somewhere which received the classic response of "___ looks too intense for me"

...or potentially "just looking at ___ makes me sick"...

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I'm surprised the jackass guys didn't think of that first.

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