Target Department Store Halloween Rides

Well, they are pretty darn close. I purchased with cash a electric piece called 'Flying Fun', which is lit up with blue and green led's, and has a jack-o-lantern base with a spinning center boom, and a wooden 'X' with several ghosts going in circles.

I placed it in my 'private park', not where I work, but at home, and it fits nice with all the other World's Fair lineup. It is only $12.99, which makes it a great buy.

I am going to buy one of their electric Haunted Houses next trip, and may make a theme section buy including the house, Flying Fun, and maybe the World's Fair Fortune Teller booth.

They also have a smaller house with a with going round and round, also with lights. Check them out.

i just put a deposit down on the worlds fair Roller Coaster. These things are great :)
I can't stand anything with LED's. It looks so, so, what's the word I'm looking for?

Oh yeah, QVC :)

"You too can own this wonderful Santa Claus with the LED trimmed suit for 12 easy flex-payments of $24.95!. Only 24,000 left! Get 'em while they're available!"



I have the Tornado. Great for 1 train, but put the second on, and its very bad. Trains hanging over the side, or jammed on the lift base, or stuck where I can't evac the riders. terrible.
I've got to check those out.

Closest thing I have to those are the Ice Skating x-mas thingys. Mine twitches, usually sending the skaters flying off the plastic rink and into the Coke stand.

Do the Halloween ones play the cheesy music?

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Is there a link by chance?
I checked the site, and the electric stuff was the only items I could not find. Sorry.
It was $11.04 at our Target yesterday.
AJ: I found this site for ride models you might be interested in.

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Cool site. Thanks. I can keep very busy in the off season with some of those rides. I think you need a maintenence guy on site to make adjustments after reading some of the reviews.
I'm sure this is old news to you guys but I thought it was pretty darn cool. Think I might get one, I could use a B & M model on top of my desk.
Our Ops guys bought one, as they have nothing else to do, it lasted about 2 days before the train fell apart.

Anyway, I went back to Target and purchased the Haunted Castle. Of course, it was broke, as there is this vacume cleaner belt that holds 2 trains of terror that go round and round.

2 pieces fell off the belt on the first try, so I checked to see if it was a Zamperala. I had to re-attatch the 2 pieces, and then the belt was off. I checked again to see if it was an OD Hopkins flume belt, but no.

Now it works fine. They have 2 more items, and before mentioned Haunted Graveyard with the flying witch, and I saw a slot on the shelf for the Haunted something with ferris wheel, which of course was sold out.

Castle is on sale, $16.99.

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