Talon question

Saturday, April 7, 2001 3:44 PM
I know that people are saying there is no room in the top 10 for a middle size invert, but what do you call Raptor? A middle size invert, so why do some people think Talon is not going to make the top 10? Location possibly?

Talon is going to rock, roll, and take its toll on the top 10!"
Saturday, April 7, 2001 3:55 PM
I think Talon will be great and will push its way up to the top 10.

"Maybe I ain't so shy!"
Saturday, April 7, 2001 4:23 PM
It certainly looks like a top ten coaster to me.
Saturday, April 7, 2001 4:24 PM

Drachen Fire, Will it be swimming with the fishies?
Saturday, April 7, 2001 4:36 PM
Also looks like the tightest most intense invert yet...Can't wait!

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-Catch 22
Saturday, April 7, 2001 5:37 PM
Talon really isn't that small. It only seems that way compared to other types of coasters. It is great size for an invert, and the lightning quick elements prove that you don't have to be Alpie-sized to be great.

Talon 2001

'Nuff Said
Saturday, April 7, 2001 6:28 PM
I just hope VF gets one next year. It looks awesome.
Saturday, April 14, 2001 10:30 AM
I think it'll be wicked and a top 10.

New top 10:

Millenium Force
Magnum XL
Ghost Rider
Shivering Timbers

Oooooh, my freekin' head.... Too many G's Too many G's! No, no, Too much Beer before the G's! Home Park: Knott's Berry Farm
Saturday, April 14, 2001 12:09 PM
That's a pretty good list, but we will have to see how X and X-Flight turn out. Hey, you never know!

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