Talon animation on Badnitrus released

Posted Sunday, October 29, 2000 9:35 AM | Contributed by Badnitrus

Why wait till may when you can ride Talon right now? Head on over to Badnitrus and download a POV video to experience this new B&M creation before it's constructed!

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Sunday, October 29, 2000 9:55 AM
Awesome video! I wish I could ride Talon when it is done. Since my home park, SFEG, doesnt have any good coasters, I would like SFEG to get an inverted coaster from B&M. It is great to see B&M back in the inverted coasters again!!!!

Best Steel
1.) Millennium Force - CP
2.) Medusa - SFMW
3.) Top Gun - PGA
4.) Stealth -PGA
Sunday, October 29, 2000 10:33 AM
everyone just remember: the sound is really crappy so dont say anything about that :)
Sunday, October 29, 2000 3:41 PM
Kool! can't wait to ride it!

Don't scream out loud, until you swallow!
Monday, October 30, 2000 6:26 AM
b&m will get there butt kicked with the new vekoma slc odyssey
Monday, October 30, 2000 8:21 AM
Yo, Stealh, what do you mean back? They never left. I mean only one year has passed since they're last inverted monsters: Top Gun (Carowinds), Dueling Dragons (IOA). Sheesh, it hasn't been long at all.
Monday, October 30, 2000 9:41 AM
I wonder how many job offers these guys get. With a portfolio like this, they can literally start at 60k a year.
Tuesday, October 31, 2000 4:52 AM
More like riders will get their buuts kicked if Odyssey is like their standard slc's...
Tuesday, October 31, 2000 11:00 AM
hey john peck, are you talkin about me and mike? if you are, we dont get any job offers, at least i dont ~ i myself have no clue where i will be after college... that's the real world i guess...
Tuesday, October 31, 2000 4:57 PM
In the words of Metallica, Sad but True!

Hey Badnitrus, like always, kick*****POV!
Saturday, November 4, 2000 1:01 AM

What type of career are you aiming for? What classes are you taking?

See, I have 5 years of art and design school under my belt, and I can tell you this, even without a lot of art training there are a load of jobs out there....more now than ever.

If you could get into multimedia and more web design, you could be freelancing for $35- $95+ an hour..though that may not be nessesarally coaster-related.

Make a creative self promo on a disc, neatly package it, and send it off to design firms and marketing companies, and trade show display designers, as well as anyone who does computer animation. (Dreamworks, Pixar) Design companies like having promo items, for they get hundreds of resumes weekly, and most are are plain and boring... so a neat promo disc is quick, inexpensive to mail (and you will mail a lot of them), and holds lots of information.

You may want to email a link to some parks as well..especially someone high-up.

Its an option. Thanks for listening
Saturday, November 4, 2000 11:24 AM
i have no idea what career... i am majoring computer graphics... im not really big on web design and multimedia, that is one of the areas of CG they offer here... i am in the "technical and spatial animation" area... 3d modeling and such... i have had art experience all through my life and took a ton of classes in high school... i am going to be taking some art and design classes in a couple semesters... and i am going to make a promo disk soon... i want to see if i can get an internship at pixar for the summer.. that would rock... what do you suggest for a making a promo disk? a CD with mpgs on it or a video cd??
Sunday, November 5, 2000 4:56 PM
You will probally want to contact your Professors and see what they suggest. Many professors (especially in this business) freelance, so they know whats easiest, whats the most inexpensive, and what type of system will play a disk you make the best.

Since I dont work in Computer Graphics (I'm more print based) I don't really know how to concieve this. I guess whatever format will load acurately everytime on most machines, and not slow them down too much.

Internships really rock, pay your dues now, learn everything....who knows what jobs will exist in 5 years. This is a very competitive field, get your feet wet!

Who knows, maybe you'll get to work with Lucas one day.

There are a ton of 5 or 10 minute features you can download from people on the net, if you need inspiration, or like to check out your competition.
Monday, November 6, 2000 3:22 PM
Monday, November 6, 2000 3:23 PM
has any 1 here rode batman and robin at 6 flags great adventure and if u have i need to no if it bangs u around

ps medusa rules so does b&m
Monday, November 13, 2000 2:32 PM
Oh man, Talon isn't for the average coaster rider its going to be for the riders that want to go to the extreme baby! I'm not going to pass on this coaster!! And by the way Dorney Park rocks! (
I could careless about other parks I'm hooked!)
Feel the force--Steel Force
Saturday, March 17, 2001 5:47 AM
Talon looks like a great ride from the movie but its to compact and short.

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