Sydney Australia paper discusses Wiggles, SFGAdv, and its Wiggles World.

Pretty cool article discussing the American public really taking to the Wiggles and Six Flag's Wiggles World at SFGAdv along with describing briefly about the park.

What caught my eye was a PR person mentioning that Six Flags plans on building 20 more Wiggles Worlds at its parks in the next few years. Overkill?

Click here.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Do they still own 20 parks? I count 14, of which two already have a Wiggles World.

California - SFMM, SFDK
Georgia - SFOG
Illinois - SFGAm (Wiggled already - thanks Billy)
Kentucky - SFKK
Maryland - SFA
Massachusettes - SFNE
Missouri - SFStL
New Jersey - SFGAdv (Wiggled already)
New York - Great Escape (Wiggling in 2008)
Texas - SFFT, SFOT
Canada - La Ronde
Mexico - SFM

Edit - correcting the list per Billy's post.

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Hey Moosh! Great America has Wiggles World. It's actually pretty cute, all under that huge American Eagle que tent.

(and unfortunately, the Am. Eagle que is redone, worse than ever...)

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Thanks for the correction.

Sad to hear about Eagle. Lemme guess: more steel I-beam used as track?

Well hell, I can deal with the I-Beams. I was at the park many times this summer, and was lucky enough ride it when it raced. It was the best ride I've had on it since I first rode in '85. I couldn't believe it.

The I-Beams, for a ride like that, are ok. I mean, it's so darn big. I think they should redo the helix with them or the intamin track.

Now, get rid of all the 'headgear' (wings and headrests) and those dumb seatbelts (they weren't there then they were then they weren't now they are) and race the darn thing! It can be a pretty good ride.

Have GCI come in and work some magic, ok.. now I'm fantasizing too much :)

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You fantasize a lot here...I'm beginning to think you type your replies with one hand :-)
^You are "naughty naughty naughty" (name the movie for $100!) Matt-hew!

Hey, dreaming is free :) And good ideas start somewhere. There is more to life than makin money ;)

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Hmmm...nothing comes to mind. Are you sure that quote is correct? You weren't thinking of "you're terrible, Muriel" were you? :-)
Huh? No.. it's Clockwork Orange. I been on a run with it since I found my mom tryin to hide it for christmas :) A true work of art. Still, they don't release everything they have, a 'double dip' or 'triple dip' as it were in terms of releasing DVDS.

And of course, "Dreaming is free" from the Blondie song. Originally titled "Billy the ambulance driver," ain't that something.

So back to coasters... Eagle has so much freakin potential. I saw a maintenance guy removing the 2nd train from Blue this summer (it was on fire, 'smoking' - this used to happen on Blue Streak as well, it was really funny and like a cartoon, but caused a panic on crew when it happened the first time). The train went onto the transfer track, and 'bounced' off the end of the track. Come on! Those things are heavy, take care of em!

Wiggle's World is very cute. Can't wait to take my baby cousins there. We will be eating (and drinking pop) at the mall of course.

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Ah, see...I've never seen Clockwork Orange. I know, I know. I'll add it to the queue. I got the Blondie reference ;-)

Back to Wiggles World: All of my neices and nephews are too old for it and as I don't see myself at a SF park in the next few years so I'll take your word that the areas are cute.

Matt-hew, having NOT seen Clockwork is like never visiting a park outside the Six Flags chain. Get er done! It will take u 5 looks until u have a clue what is going on...

Well, hell! Those rides looked so good in Wiggles World, I wanted to ride em! Geesh, we have like 3 kids areas at Great America (but rumor is 'bugs bunny land' or whatever it's called now is goin down...)

Kiddieland is nearly more fun that Great America. No joke. The Little Dipper is beautiful and fun, and we also have a (Huss??) 'Polyp' ride, just like the "Lobster."

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Kiddieland is *so* on my list of parks I want to visit. Perhaps a trip to Chicago is due next year? Wanna be my guide?
Hell yeah Moosh! We will take my baby cousins. AND, they have FREE parking and FREE pop (ok, it's 'included in the price' - nod to Gonch). It's really a great place. And you gotta admit, Great America is best in the chain.

I mean, if we had Tidal Wave back and Mindbender, could you imagine that?

Kiddieland is really a treasure!

You forgot about the waterparks. They could have water rides in them, and water interactive Wiggle's areas. The Great Escape Lodge could have something Wiggle's. That equals 20 without the SFGAdv safari. Of course, they could have Wiggle's in the "free" waterparks also in SFStL, SFKK, and SFGAm.

To me, Wiggle's is nothing more than a Bugs Bunny land. If they had a Wiggle's dark ride, than it would be a different story. They don't have a dark ride, and those rides are just amusement park Zamperla rides themed to planes, an Octopus, and so on. The theming can attract the kid to the ride, but for how long? If the ride stinks, it's going to stink. The opposite is also true.

The reason Disney attracts so many kids is because the rides are so darn unique compared to other places. They also use movies, and what not to get people there. Where else can you find Snow White, Peter Pan, Test Track, Finding Nemo, Splash Mountain, and It's A Small World? Basically, what Wiggle's is, is a Zamperla garage sale themed to different things.

What's the difference from a carnival, and Six Flags? You say one has themes, and one doesn't. Nope. The carnival has an Indiana Jones ride (called Raiders), an Aladdin ride that goes up and down, a speedway ride, a construction ride, a train ride, and so on.

Basically, Six Flags makes a huge deal about Wiggle's World, and Thomas Town, but they don't have the big rides to prove it like a dark ride, or two. I personally think kids can find better rides at the carnivals. The only thing I see that would attract kids is the show, but again; that's only one show. Did you try that spring tower at a Six Flags park? That ride is darn boring. I know they aren't all made like that.

The Moser Spring ride is awesome. It's better than that Intamin Generation Drop 2 in my opinion. Heck, the Arm Super Shot is better than that ride. These kids can take torture, and you think they are really going to like that. The younger you are, it's usually the more you can take.

Sorry Spinout, but what exactly makes Raiders a "themed" ride? Sure, it's got a picture or two, but it's just a glorified slide with a cargo net bridge and a few funhouse obstacles. "Speedway" is a Zamperla whip with Nascar cars. "Construction Zone" is Eli Bridge's 3-1/2 mph round-and-round ride.

The "spring tower" you refer to most definitely isn't a Moser. It's a Zamperla. It might be boring to you, but I know from operating one for a few days, that the kids love it.

I haven't ridden a Moser Spring ride as I have yet to see one at a carnival or park. I've seen the Moser Hip Hop (pretty sure that's the name) a few times though.

The Super Shot is interesting, but better than Drop Zone at King's Dominion? I don't think so. There's a significant height difference that makes the trailer-ride version only reaching a certain height, and Drop Zone which is over 300 ft. tall.

Spinout, I understand you're obsessed with carnival rides. In of itself, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I happen to love them too, and I look forward to the annual carnivals that roll through town. The difference between you and me though is that I don't believe that the carnival ride is always significantly better than the park ride.

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Moosh, SFNE have Wiggle's World too.
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LOL...SFGAdv, SFGAm, SFNE - you'd think I was following the Wiggles on tour... ;)

P.S. I'm not... :)

I've always thought that SFA could use another kiddy area for a park of its size. Most of the land available though is in Gotham City. I'm sure it could work out just fine.

Mamoosh said:
You fantasize a lot here...I'm beginning to think you type your replies with one hand :-)

Oh, wow.

I wonder what SF will be like in the next 5 years. I can see all "family" parks for non coaster enthusiasts. What does everyone else think?


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