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Saturday, April 6, 2002 7:35 PM
When we first got to the gate, I tried to get the 3-5 dollars off...But...The lady told us that the park does not “honor” the European Coaster Club. Now, I know it’s only a tiny amount of money, but it clearly says on ECC’s web page. If you don’t believe me:


So when you think of Sea World Orlando, you think of two things: Kraken and Shamu. Guess where we headed first?

My rating system: 1 smile=worst, 5 smiles=best.

Kraken :):):):):) 4 laps
Positive:Smooth, nice setting, amazing barrel roll, front seat floorless effect, good capacity, tunnels/trenches.
Negative:Unfriendly employees, and did I hear somewhere that you were supposed to get wet? Or am I making something up?
Bottom Line:Another B&M masterpiece.

Journey To Atlantis :):):):) 1 lap
Positive:Good, but not great theming, “roller coaster” drop is surprising and fun, splashdown is extremely smooth.
Negative:Very cheap part when you go down a tiny hill and get soaked (I think it’s before the second lift), the theming seems to be missing something, it should borrow some of Escape From Pompeii’s fire.
Bottom Line:If you call this a coaster, shouldn’t Duddly Doo at IOA be one too?

After that, I really wanted to ride Sky Tower, but it was closed :(. They didn’t even mention it at the front gate. Terrors of the Deep was also closed. So, instead we went to Wild Arctic Simulator. It was 45 minutes to travel by air, and 5 by foot. We made the wise choice to go by foot. After the movie, you walk around and see belugas, walruses, and polar bears. It was neat to see the polar bears after watching them grow up at the Denver Zoo. Good stuff. We also did Penguin encounter, Shamu (duh, it’s Sea World), and watched the water skiers from outside the stadium.

This was my first time at SWO for many years, and I thought it was great. I would recommend it just for Kraken.
You are bold, but are you also...daring?

Saturday, April 6, 2002 7:45 PM
Nice report! Too bad Terro's if the deep was closed

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