SWF and IOA 7/3 and 7/5

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Saturday, July 7, 2001 2:00 PM
I just arrived home from a week in Daytona Beach, but i managed to drive in to Orlando 2 times for SWF and IOA.
SWF - I arrived around 9:00 and it took no rush to get in. Once in though, i ran to KRAKEN and JTA.
KRAKEN - This has got to be one of my favorite coasters EVER. It dosnt compare to Medusa (east) in terms of airtime and intensity. I especially love the subterranean cavern where you get misted in the face. I rode it 5 times: 1 time in front row, 1 time in the back row, and the rest were all scattered in the middle. My only two "complaints" were that there were 2 trim breaks (but they wernt on so it didnt matter), and the break after the lift was on hard so that the drop gave minimal airtime. I left because i needed to hit JTA then see shamu at 11.

Journey To Atlantis - This is a fun Water Coaster. I like the second drop the best, especially because the people who've never ridden it always scream a lot. I wanted to hit this because the sun was unbearable and i need a nice splash.
IOA - I arrived around 9:15 and, again had no line to get in to the park. I ran to the Hulk first because this gets the worst lines (so ive heard).

Incredable Hulk - This was an outstanding ride. B&M have really doubled the experience with the catapult mechanism. Dont get me wrong - The launch was great, but It didnt live up to my expectations in terms of G-Forces and intensity. I liked it better in the front seat because it gave more airtime. I loved the way how at least 80% of the ride was positive G's, and i loved every second of it. I rode three times - Once front, once in the 5th row, once in the seventh row. By the time i left it had a 35 minute wait.

Dueling Dragons - I really enjoyed this ride. I came here right after Spiderman, and it was a walk on! I did the fire first - Just pure excellence. Th Ice though, was a little rougher and i didnt find it too enjoyable: The zero-G roll is taken at a rediculously fast speed. I love the first two fly-bys, and seeing the other trains feet right near mine. I hit the Fire 4 times (2 times in front) and Ice once. They stopped the ride towards the end to add another train to each side. By the way, when the trains are in perfect syncronozation, there is a near fly by towards the end of the ride, as Fire enters the corkscrew and Ice turns to the breaks, theres only about 2 feet separating the trains.

Spiderman - Great 3-D ride. I like how you could feel the heat and cold when it happens on the screen. For some reason, the ride shut off twice durring the trip, and it stayed off with the car swaying like it had a motion to follow. It didnt bother me though, it was a great ride.

Doctor Doom - This was a pretty lame S&S space shot. Ive had better on the dominator and power tower.

J.P. river advenure - This was a fun, easy way to cool off. Th drop was fun, and i was soaked.

That about wraps it up for this trip. Thanks for reading!!:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2001 7:08 AM
I forgot to say, When i was on Kraken they stopped us on the Midcourse breaks for some odd reason, but I think they added a train. Wouldnt they stop us on the first break run??

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