Survey suggests possible next roller coaster options for Kings Island

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Cedar Fair has begun sharing a survey for at least three of its major parks, Kings Island and Cedar Point in Ohio, and Carowinds in North Carolina, according to enthusiasts. It asks which type of major ride fans would like to see next.

Read more from WCPO/Cincinnati.

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We all know it's an RMC Son Of Beast. Always has been, always will be.


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I am always curious of the population they send these surveys out at. Since 2006 we have been at least "platinum" (which I realize does not exist) pass holders, but have never been sent a survey. I don't mean to come off like a research nerd but as a research nerd I find this exercise at the very least to be interesting.

As far as I know the Cedar Point survey did not ask about sit-down dining for "hand-breaded" types off all food.

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Given the article, I'd like a couple of ideas combined together. For example, a coaster that starts indoors in the old Tomb Raider building and then goes outside and to the old Vortex area....

Vortex and Tomb Raider are further away then you realize, you have to cross the Midway, twice, avoid the buildings in the area, and cross Diamondback twice, then do that all over again to go back. I just don’t see that happening.

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Any B&M model other than their hyper/giga gets worse as they get bigger IMO so hopefully they don't go with the 300ft dive coaster.

Wouldn't KI's dive coaster really be 296 ft with a drop into a 4 ft deep culvert?

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They are calling their very lengthy family boomerang coaster concept an "out and back." That irks me.

And I do not want to see a coaster like that at such a busy park like Kings Island. Not unless they have some kind of duel station.

I love Kings Island so much, and none of these rides are what I would have expected them to want to build in the near future. The indoor/outdoor coaster in the Tomb Raider building sounds interesting. A family launch, like Big Bear Mountain, going from the old SOB station to the park entrance, would be great if they didn't have to throw in the doing the entire "do it all again -BACKWARDS!" thing. I don't know why they can't do what has already been successful at other parks.

Are we at the point today that we were at with B&M inverts in the 90’s that every quality park has to have an RMC now? I sort of think so, or at least a coaster design that can mimic the stunt elements of an RMC.

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Well based on the invert timeline for KI, I’d say you have another 20 years or so for that RMC to come to fruition.

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But based on the "late style of coaster replacing a terrible coaster that was demolished a few years ago" timeline, it's time to build now.

I would much rather have a new GCI with new track tech at Shoot the Rapids and over the river then a water coaster or a CF BiG Bear, but CP could really also use a good newer intense kids coaster, actually the kids invert at Wildwood with some length and 2nd hill would be amazing in that area too, keep the playground as well, expand Camp Snoopy to the island, and add a family flume later.


We all know it's an RMC Son Of Beast

Son of Son of Beast?

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But based on the "late style of coaster replacing a terrible coaster that was demolished a few years ago" timeline, it's time to build now.

That’s the people gotta build timeline.

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