Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh wrote dissenting opinion in SeaWorld OSHA case following death of trainer

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President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy, Brett Kavanaugh, played a key role in SeaWorld’s legal battle with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration following the death of a killer whale trainer. He argued that killer whale trainers were no different than professional athletes, race car drivers or others who willingly participate in risky jobs.

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bjames said:

Sheesh. I come to websites like this to escape all the political bs that bombards me constantly.

From what I have observed over the years the political discussions that happen here are far more educational than the typical political BS we all get bombarded with. So keep comin' back...

Promoter of fog.

Some of the debates/conversations I have read on this website over the years are some of the most fact based, well written, and rational conversations I have read about a variety of topics. Different viewpoints often come together and I have actually learned quite a bit about some important topics. None of which have had anything to do with roller coasters and amusement parks.

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HeyIsntThatRob? said:

You're an American citizen and at least 35 years of age. You are already qualified to run for president...

I thought Jeff was only *29?

edit: Same age as Gator.

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If we are keeping this educational, the Constitution has three requirements for President: 35 years old or older, natural born citizen (not just citizen -- without defining "natural born citizen") and resident of the US for 14 years.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.

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So does that mean that if Conan the Republican was born via vaginal birth that he can be president? Because then we don't need that amendment like they had in Demolition Man.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

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I don't care who is president. I just want Taco Bell to win the Franchise Wars.

Doesn't say natural born and a citizen.

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