Supports Suggestion

I like how the supports can be customized, bu an option to place supports along the whole track automatically would be nice. I was just fooling around, converting the pre-made tracks into other styles and redoing all the supports is a pain and a half. I'm sure some people are as lazy as me. :) Anyway, it's just a suggestion. Also, a remove-all would be nice too.
i was thinking the same thing about the "remove-all" thing, i too have been messing around with converting montu into a schwartzkoph etc.  and then the supports hit and hit and hit etc etc.  a auto support system and a remove would be an awesome idea, but im sure people (i know i do)want the game out as soon as possible, so if it would delay the initial release, put it in one of the addons ;)
no reason to have "remove all", just hit the "new" button.
That just adds supports though, it doesn't get rid of existing ones, unless I'm missing something.

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