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(I tried to email this but it got returned, so I'm posting it here)

I laid down a bunch of the normal inverted supports (2 beams on 1 side, attached on top of track) and they are rendering wrong. The angle support is on the inside-side of the support, meaning it ends up underneath the inverted track, instead of to the side. I've included a screenshot to illustrate the problem. Not all the supports do this, but the ones on this straight piece of track do.



How odd....well those supports place themselves depending on which way the track is banked.  The fact that you're placing them on level track could be causing a problem, but I've never seen that before.  Try deleting the offending supports and rebuilding them.


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I've had the same bug, and rebuilding doesn't help.  Also, it would be really nice if you could move one of those side supports to the other side, if you wish, without having to create a custom support to do so.  Also needed is a standard /\ support.
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Yes I tried rebuilding them, same thing. I too would like a way to switch the side the support is one for flat track, it would be helpful.

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