Superman Madrid 3D Model

Hey, I'm not sure if you guys remember any of the modeling ive done in the past. It's getting to be the off-season, so I decided to work on a 3D Model of Superman at Movie World Madrid. It's pretty near done, really i just need to render out the video, i'll post that when it's done.


Hopes this follows the TOS (i'm not promoting my website or anything).

Leave comments if you'd like :)

Looks good!
Nice work, What do you use to start off with the base of the project ?. Autocad ?.

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Let's get that video. I'm excited.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
It's done in 3D Studio Max completely from scratch. POV video is rendering right now. Takes about 20-24hrs straight to render a video like that.
Looks great. I've always been intrigued by that coaster, it looks like a great ride.
Hey guys! Rendering is all done!!!

You can see the video there! let me know what you think.

Also... do you guys know of any GOOD quality on-rides (or maybe even offrides) that i could rip the B&M roar in audio. ive seen a bunch of Youtube, but you get way too much wind action of normal cameras, I need a clean sound. Thanks and enjoy the video

here I found a lot of POV ride videos on Roller Coaster Pro.

They have like a 100 POV's on there.

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