Superman April 7th

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Sunday, April 7, 2002 4:13 PM

SUF had opened at 4:00 and I just happened to get their at the right time. Their was a huge line before I got their, but it wasnt as big when I got their because most people left. I ended up getting to the part where the line splits. It was about 30 minutes later that I finally got to the ride. WOHOO I waited 30 minutes for it. When I saw it so close I was so amazed at it. It was awsome. I got in the second to last row. When I was sitting in the seat, the leather strap started getting kind of uncomftorable. I didnt care. When I got tilted back, I was so excited. It was so cool looking at the ground. When I started moving, I was screaming (along with everyone else). It feels so weird looking at the ground. Then about 8 seconds later, I was at the top. The view was awsome. Then I started to go. The pretzel loop was probably the coolest inversion ever. I had my hands out the whole time and was pretending to be superman. When I was facing backwards, I felt all the G's and it was so disorienting. Then after, I saw the tunnel. It was cool, but they really need some smoke in it. Then whem I got to the barrel roll, it felt so cool. It goes slow through it and you never know where you are.
Then the ride was over and I was waiting for 5 minutes while the other train was in the station.

Rating SUF: 10/10 the best ride in the park

BTW- I crashed the Fastlane computers! They gave me a Q Bot and their was something wrong with it and when I tried to go on deja vu, I kept getting some error message on it and when I was walking to the place to get the Lo Q's, some guy came up to me and told me we crashed it. I just got another one. BTW, with Lo Q, i waited about 30 minutes for deja vu, but i had to wait 30 minutes more because deja vu had a problem. I waited like 10 minutes for every other coaster with it.

Sunday, April 7, 2002 8:29 PM
Nice report! I really love flying coasters!
So what is better? SFMM or CP? I don't care! They both have 29 coasters between them that they build so we can have a good time!

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