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Sunday, May 4, 2003 5:39 AM
Sadly, I could only stay at SFGAm for five hours and forty-five minutes for opening day..

Well, Superman is HERE! I got to the park as early as possible (before you could even drive up to the parking booth. I got a fairly good spot in line. But the ENTIRE queue had to be walked. Here are some excerpts. "I'm dizzy," "This line is a ride in itself," "Ride the line." But it paid off, because SUPERMAN IS HERE!

We had walked for ten minutes, and now were were in a line. We decided to wait an extra ten minutes for the back in the well-designed station.

I didn't trust those harness pads. They were dangling by two cables. They looked like they could snap off. But surprisingly, they were supportive!

The harness is very unique. Instead of locking the axle, there are things similar to pistons on the yellow lap supporter. They lock into holes on the side. The ankle supports also are interesting. They come in at different times.

Now when we flipped into the flying position, It was an N'SYNC concert. SREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAMMMMIIIINNNNGGG!

Then we were shipped out. The lift is quiet and gives you a chance to talk. But not for long. You dive right out of it into an awesome first drop! You have got to try it! And then you enter the pretzel. Wha-ho. After going up, you are SLAMMED onto your back. It's AMAZING.

Now for the turn around. It seems like quite a long turn, but LOOK OUT! The first of many choppers (whole body choppers). You speed straight down and fear you are going to hit the bottom of the pretzel loop. AHHHHHHH!

The next thirty seconds or so are curves and dives. Some call them not exciting. I say, they are CRAZY. You feel as if you are going to hit every support. Fun. Scary. Funscray.

Then for the in-line twist. WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAA. Laterals like crazy. Then you finally enter the break run. But I feared my feet were going to scrape! Now, there was thirty seconds of stacking, but that's good. You get to rave over your experience.

When I flipped back into the seated position, I was ecstatic. GREAT ride. I give it a ten out of ten. Best in park. People said it was slow, but I said, "So?" The Tribune's pan makes no sense.

On to the rest of the park. I wanted to ride all four B & Ms first. So I went to Batman next. But I rode BAREFOOT. My feet were freezing! But it was still great.

I also decided to weave in some flats today. First up, East River Crawler! Airtime like crazy! My backpack was floating. We also did the swings. Meh.

Then Iron Wolf. I actually experienced some air off the "fake-run." But it was in the station that I noticed I would not be riding all Beemers first. Raging Bull was closed for reasons I would not hear of until this morning.

The next flat was Fiddler's fling. Badass. That thing is even more of a powerhouse this year. My thigh killed me from the pain of being smashed into the bar.

So it was on to American Eagle. I was on an airtime quest since Bull was down. American Eagle Blue delivered. I was screaming "Emitria!" my entire ride.

Next flat was Ricochet. I decided to seat myself in different positions. While sitting sideways, I was swinging in and out. Fun.

Next on the airtime quest, Viper. 1:3 was down on one train so I didn't wait it. 2:1 delivered well, but not quite as well as Eagle. I was holding a nickel ti o test airtime and it floated. But on the hill/bank the nickel got tossed off.

Now the decision we regretted making. We got in line for Giant Drop. It should be called Giant Line. I told my brother no but he thought none of the "mazes" would be open. WRONG. Fifty minute wait. Not worth it.

Day rating: five out of ten. Being that we had to leave for dinner reservations at the worst restaurant anywhere (Maggiano's), the day was shortened and ruined. Hopefully our relatives can come HERE for Independence Day for a change so I can go the ACE Event with ERT on Superman.

By the way, the title is referring to the names of the coasters I got a chance to ride (all super heros and animals).
Superman: Ultimate Flight is HERE!
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