Super Hero Saturday SFGAm 7-5-03

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Well Today The 5th of july was superhero saturday at SFGAm. My friend and I arrived at the Six Flags parking lot gate at around 8:15. We picked up our ACE passes and such from the regional rep. At 8:30 the parking lot gate opened at we walked to the entrance. Susie Storey was at the far entrance with little gift bags for the ACER's. I was the first person at the gate and they let us in at about 8:40. The security checked the gift bags that they had just given us kinda of funny eh? Anyway the ERT was on Superman and V2 because of Batman's earlier mechanical problems. My friend and I arrived at Superman's entrance and we are the first one's there. He goes to put the Bags in a locker and just then a ride op walks up to me and says "I trust You Know The way" and then drops the chain. My friend was still putting away the bags but this was a golden opertunity. I go through the Queue as fast as possible and i am the first person to Ride superman that day. After the first 5 or 6 rides or so the Acers started to go off to see the rest of the park so no one was in line at all. We rode Superman 12 times in a row without exiting the station. At 9:30 the GP was let into the park and it was fun to see them all lined up watching us ride over and over and over. We got a total of 18 rides on S:UF so it was well worth the Ten Bucks to enter. After The GP was let into the line they kicked us out of the station and then we took the group photo. We were free to go so we walked around the park and rode Raging Bull and Viper then decided to go because we go all the time and it's a saturday during the Fourth Of July weekend so it was starting to get crowded. Orbit was stuck in it's furthest position in the air and it was odd to see the cars obeying gravity. We left the park and went home. The expirence was great and I hope they do this again next year. Peace out.

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What was in the gift bags?

--George H
---Currency tracking experiment... (Referring to The "George" on the $1 bill - Not Me)

A Superman comic book, a Whizzer key chain, a Shockwave postcard, and a small Superman pouch

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