Thursday, March 7, 2002 11:49 AM

I started a club at school for all physics students who are scaried of roller coasters. I'm going to guide those students through the coasters on a scale of intensity. I tryied the guide with 2 of my cousins and now they can't wait to ride X. It goes:

Skull Mountain, Rolling Thunder, Viper, Batman, Scream Machine, Medusa, Nitro, Batman and Robin the Chiller.

The Chiller is last only because people chicken out when they see it. Nitro people under estimate and Medusa has a lot of "up side downs". The only problem is distance. Medusa to Nitro??? kinda far huh.

Fencers Ready. Hold on you just went of target. Check your back it's mostlikly there. Is you tip ok...? Are we ready? Good. Fencers ready. Fence!


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