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Monday, October 20, 2008 11:38 AM

[url][url]Yet another trip up to Cedar Point with my father. I could not haveasked for a nicer fall day. The sun was brightly shining all day, itcould have been a little warmer, but I'm not complaining since this is Ohio[url][url] and it is October.

Anyhow we arrived at the park a little after 1:30, after making ourstop at Wal*Mart for snacks to the park. I stopped and talked to acouple people I knew up at front gate, we used the Demon Droprestrooms, and headed toward the back of the park. Took the Sky Rideback.

Sky Ride:
No big deal with this ride, just a nice transportation tool from oneside to the other. Fine if you don't have to wait in a long line, butif there's a long line, don't be lazy, just walk to where you aregoing. You will take less time walking then you will waiting in thatline. 10/10

I was suppose to meet my buddy Lance, but he ended up coming later on,so we just decided to go ride Top Thrill Dragster, as the startingcoaster.

Top Thrill Dragster: Sign Wait Time-45min, Actual Wait Time: 30min
So sometimes those signs are inaccurate, sometimes they are right onthe money. Anyhow this ride my father and I do not have a seatingpreference, which helps us get on faster, and rode in the 3rd car,front seat, on Green Train. Awesome ride as usual, and it seemed to begoing faster than normal today, maybe hitting about 122 or 123? Dunnothe sign was not on to register the speed. Good coaster to start offwith. 10/10

Magnum: 10 minutes
Magnum was a walk on into the station and a 2 train wait for seat 6-1.(The ejector seat) Love riding this coaster, and I was discussing itwith my dad, if I HAD to choose any coaster to marathon, it would beMaggie. Love the airtime, the hill over the Lake, waving to the peopleon Skyscraper. The elements are amazing and for a coaster that isalmost older than I am, it still runs amazingly. 10/10

We decided to wander back near Frontier Town and possibly hit upcoasters and rides there we have not rode for a while, of coursehitting up Gemini along the way.

Gemini: 1 train wait, red side.
Apparently I have lost all luck with the red train. Last time I rodethe red train, you will remember the incident I told you about with mebeing stopped on the lift because of the two girls with the camera,well instead of being stopped on the lift, our train was slowed down abit, obviously the ride ops though they saw something, thus causing theblue train to get a bit of a head start. I like the feature they canslow down the trains, but then sometimes the ride ops just do that fortheir enjoyment...getting one side all psyched up for the win[url][url],then giving it to the other side. Oh well though, awesome ride anyhow,with great airtime. I guess next time I ride, I'll just have to pickthe blue side. 10/10

Onto Frontier Town and The Mean Streak, Skyhawk, Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

For our first "tour" of Frontier Town, my father and I went to MeanStreak, avoided Maverick for the time being, went on CCMR, and Skyhawk,bought a candy bar at the candy shop and went back to Magnum to meetLance.

Mean Streak: 15 min wait
Yes, surprisingly when all the other coasters had relatively shortlines, this one was supporting a line, out the station and down thestairs, almost into the tunnel. Craziness, especially since this is notthat great of a coaster. Anyhow I guess my father and I were asking fora pounding because once in the station, we headed for the very back.Going down the first hill, I noticed the trims were not on as much asnormal, as in the train barely was slowed down coming off the firstdrop. However in the second turn around, where the second set of trimsare, the train was halted to a complete stop. Crazy times, and thecoaster was running really bumpy. I think it finally lived up to thename "Mean Streak" all the times I have rode it, it never felt like itlived up to the name, until yesterday. Also right outside the entrance,is a new sign hanging over where guests enter. Pretty cool. 8/10 (Iactually like this coaster a little better now)

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: Walk-On
The last time I rode this coaster was in May of this year, right beforeI left for Disney. I figured it was time for another credit on thecoaster. Anyhow my dad and I walk all the way up into the station, justas the gates are opening, and manage to find an empty seat, thusscoring the walk on. So this is a fun coaster, with lots of coolelements, but not a "big" deal. Nice to ride if you need a brake fromall the other intense rides, but not something to ride EVERY time youvisit the park.7/10

Skyhawk: 10 Min.
There was a ride pride working entrance and instead of assigningnumbers, she would just let people walk into the line filling out allthe numbers. The system seemed to be working pretty well, with just afew issues here and there. I was actually able to get a number on thered side, looking at the ride from the outside, it would be on theright, on the ride it would be the left....anyhow I was able to sit inthe very last seat #11, which I don't think I have ever done. It iscool to have people on one side of you and nothing but open air on theother. Also it is cool to just look straight down once at the peak ofthe ride. I still think it needs a longer cycle. Maybe if it breaksdown like MaXair, then they'll fix it like they did MaXair? WishfulThinking. 9/10

Back over to Magnum, met Lance by the exit, took a couple photos of himand a couple with him, then we went to ride the Magnum. My 2nd time ofthe day. Which made me happy!

Magnum (take 2): 1 train wait for ejector seat
This time we had an odd number of people, which meant someone wasriding solo. My dad took the solo ride for this one, and Maverick.While Lance and I were riding in the ejector seat. He showed me a cooltrick of how to not get stapled into the ride, which I will have to putinto action next time I ride. Anyhow yet again, another amazing Maggieride. Still my favorite coaster in the park. 10/10

Back into Frontier to hit up the Maverick.

Maverick: 1 Hour wait
The line had dwindled down significantly, and thus we proceeded intothe line. For Lance this would be his 999th ride on Maverick, thisseason! I was only at a measly 13, I think. Maybe a little more, maybea little less, anyhow I shot some video from line, and I am going tohave my dad do some editing with the photos I took and just make a nicevideo for that. Also next week he should be hitting number 1,000 sothat will be cool. Hopefully I can be there too see it, if not he'sgetting it on video. Anyhow all the ride ops were amazed even that hehit 999. It was awesome riding with him, and I'm glad to have him as afriend. 10/10

Lance took off to meet up with some people, my dad and I hadn't eatenanything since about 11, so we decided to call it a night and take offas well. We cashed in our tickets[url][url]and scored some pretty nice loot from the arcade. A couple mouse pads(Sweet 16), a couple rulers, a cool skull key chain, one of those kooshballs, an two awesome light up pens.

We were getting readyto head for the entrance, when I spotted Bill Sphen. My father startedwalking after him, but for some reason he must have known I was comingbecause he started walking faster. Hahaha

Anyhow it was an awesome day there was not a lot of people, we found a good parking spot,directly to the right side of the main entrance, and walked away withsome awesome stuff. Probably one of the better trips I have had to thepark 100/100

Also I am going to leave you with one of the quotes fromLance...hopefully it is correct: "Welcome to Maverick. Sit Down, StrapIn, Ride On, Walk Off, Fall Down. Thank you for riding the Maverick,enjoy the rest of your day here at America's Buttered Toast!"

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Saturday, October 25, 2008 4:23 PM

Yeah i was there that day and the crowds were great. I still waited a hour and 15 minutes for Maverick even though everything in the park was walk on. Im going back tomorrow for another great Sunday at the point.


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