Sunday. 2-7 PM. Michigan's Adventure.

Today was MA time, and it was pretty fun!

Rides ridden:

Shivering Timbers: 5 times

Loggers Run: 1 time...

Just kidding!

N0, I'm actually going to spend time to make a serious trip report. We got there at about 2:30 PM, and my first objective was to make a one minute video of me sprinting. Shivering Timbers was closed initially, but it happened to open the second I got to it. Talk about opposite-of-timber-rider-luck! Here's the video of me sprinting there. It was quite busy, and the sprinting there was necessary even though it wasn't an opening sprint.

Next event was the Scrambler. Worst decision ever! I got a bit sick. Then I re road Shivering Timbers, which had a 10 minute wait, was smooth, but it could use some Timberliners. If it was smoother, it'd be perfect!!!

Next I rode the train, went to Thunderhawk (Vek SLC), and went all water park mode!!

Michigan Adventures water park has multiple different slide towers:

  • Generic body slide tower
  • Generic tube slide tower
  • Funnel tube ride
  • Family raft slide tower
  • Dark tube slide tower
  • Speed body slide tower

I've ridden at least one of the slides on each of these tower this year. That's weird because I spend minimal time in the water park. Oh, well!!!!

The ones I rode today were the dark slide tower (Snake Pit), the generic tube slides, and the generic body slide.

The dark slide tower and generic tube slide towers were fun. The dark one got me wet. I just have to take it like a man, but oh well!!

The generic body slide I rode today for the first time since awhile ago because of "the incident". "The incident" is something I will not explain now. All I will say is that "the incident" did not happen this time I rode the generic body slides. They were boring and slow, also.

After water park madness, I went and rode Corkscrew. It was walk on, and there was no head banging! AWESOME!!!! It was tolerable and kind of fun.

Next was Shivering Timbers twice, Loggers Run, and I even met one of ApolloAndy's relatives who works at Michigan Adventures:

After that, we rode Shivering Timbers on our way out of the park. We also went to get ice cream!!!

Tyler, I just laughed my ass off at you. I was soooo hoping we would finally see what you look like sprinting. Instead we got a POV. That video was hi-larious. You really are a sprinter. The only thing that was missing in the finale was the wide-eyed looks of the people there in Shivering Timbers line when you showed up, which I'm sure was on every one of their faces.

Your best trip report ever.

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You still shot vertical video, which makes you a jerk. Don't be a jerk.

Yeah, I guess I overlooked that part...

Baby steps...

My author website:

Not to heap too much praise...
By best...ever I meant ok, that's somewhat better.


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Great trip report. You entertain me, and I giggled a lot when watching your POV sprinting video. So funny.

You have made me very curious about "The Incident." I am imaging all sorts of hilarious stories.

I guess I'll keep you imagining. You don't wanna know.

I got it. Skinny Tyler at the bottom of the water slide with his giant over-sized boardies coming down sometime after him.

I clicked off the video after three seconds. That may be a new record for me.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Aw... You missed the panting and gasping for air.

Join my sprinting camp! Included with your platinum pass!'

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You're still trying too hard.

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I think the best way to put it is that if you have to try at all, you're doing it wrong. The best jokes aren't forced (save for the "Or Maverick" joke which generally requires at least three posts to work properly). The best jokes just flow from the conversation.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

Tyler said MA was pretty fun. I didn't know fun could be ugly. Lots of fun. Loads of fun. A fun time. But I never knew fun was a beauty contest.

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adverb: pretty
to a moderately high degree; fairly.

"he looked pretty fit for his age"

I voted you up Tyler. I laughed, it made me smile, and I liked you referring to yourself as a legend. I guess I'm easily amused.

Thank you. If I entertained one or two people it was worth it.

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Tyler, I didn't know you had a brother...

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