Summerland's (Tokyo) Wavepool Overcrowded

I couldn't think of a better title. The video says pretty much everything:

I think I saw water at a couple points, but couldn't be sure.

Insane. My first thought--how do you lifeguard such a pool? If someone starts drowning or has a heart attack or something, there's no way that they will be spotted amongst the rest of the people.
You can vaguely see it in the video, but that part of Summerland is indoors, too. The noise in there is just insane (and the day I visited the park wasn't particularly crowded).

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I will never complain about the crowds at Splish Splash again. VERY UNSAFE!

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No amount of Chlorine is a match for that kind of masses! ewww!

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Crowded yes, but a fraction of the crowd and mentality of your average festival or outdoor concert. Granted, there's no water involved there, but in my experience most people are alert and caring enough to notice someone go down near them and provide assistance and alert the relevant officials.

Probably not the safest way to run a wave pool, but I think you'd assume that with crowds like this day in day out, they know what they're doing.

That's freakin' hilarious. How could that be anyone's idea of fun? With that many people and the displacement of water, I wonder what the water level would have been if everyone got out at once?
Johnny, is that a snickers bar floating in the water? Who's Humping my leg? Why is the water so warm? lol, i can just IMAGINE. In Canada or the U.S this would NEVER be allowed to happen and how would that even be considered fun being so croweded it feels like your on a Toronto or New York subway at rush hour?

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I think there was just a bunch of people with inner tubes who were jumping in unison. I have been to concerts less crowded than that. What would happen if they were forced to evacuate?

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Remember, folks, this is Japan, not the United States. Generally speaking the culture there is far more used to crowding than we are here, and the people tend to be more respectful of others. It may look insane to our sensibilities, but it clearly doesn't bother all the people in the pool.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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