Summer Coaster Trip - Condensed Version Part 1

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The idea was to go to 11 parks this summer and have a little fun. So here it is in a nutshell (extended views of each park will be available soon).

Six Flags Elitch Gardens - 4 coasters, 4 laps

Got there in the middle of the day, went straight for the Flying Coaster, it was ok but rough. Hit Sidewinder, Mr. Twister II, and Boomerang for the finale. Overall a pretty tame day and not to exciting. The park was not overly crowded and everything was clean and tidy. Best Ride - Mr. Twister II.

World's of Fun - 4 coasters, 36 laps

Started the day with 8 laps on Mamba then a ride on Timberwolf, Orient Express, and five on Boomerang. Then got in 3 more on Mamba followed by a marathon of 15 straight on Timberwolf, woohoo! Finished up the day with three more laps on Mamba. Very clean and well run park, had a great time there. Best Ride - Timberwolf.

Six Flags St. Louis - 6 Coasters, 37 Laps

Had to try Mr. Freeze first, much better than last year, got 2 rides on it. Next up, 5 straight on The Boss, this ride rocks. Next was the Screamin Eagle, no line, awesome ride, 12 straight laps. Hit the mine train for a couple next, followed by 4 go rounds on Ninja and 3 on Batman. Still had a hankering for the Eagle so i went back and rode 9 more times before calling it a day, all in 4 bout 5 hours, woohoo! This is an awesome park with the worlds worst queues, clean freindly, and EMPTY. Best Ride - Screamin Eagle.

Part II Coming Soon ---

Have I only ridden 113 coasters?

Sounds like fun.

In 4 Days My 100th Coaster will be HyperSonic XLC

Sounds like fun and something I'll have to try when I have the chance. How long was the trip itself?

What is it Lassie? Did Timmy fall down the well again? Rough. Did Mr. Wilson have a heart attack? Rough. Is the drug dealer here for his money? Rough Rough. RUN!

The trip was actually 4 weeks long, ill tackle the report in part 2 coming very very soon.

Have I only ridden 113 coasters? No, now it's 161!

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