Suggestions for Number 100

Saturday, September 1, 2001 9:21 AM
I just updated my track record from my rides this summer, and saw that I am up to 99.  That means the next will be my hundredth coaster, which seems pretty significant.  (Yeah, I know a lot of you have ridden twice than many and more, but still, for little old me this is a milestone.) Any suggestions on what I might ride for that all-important number?  I'm sort of thinking of waiting for "X" . . . . 
Saturday, September 1, 2001 9:29 AM
Yes! Wait for X.  Then you could brag to every one saying,"My 100 coaster was X the worlds first  fourth demension coaster."
B&M King of Coasters!
Saturday, September 1, 2001 9:51 AM
It's just another coaster. Be it a kiddie coaster, or a giga, or anything in between. I would make it either the first coaster you come across or if at a large park, the first coaster you come across with a short line. 100 is just a number, nothing more, nothing less. Remember that, because the number of coasters you have ridden doesn't mean a thing, other than you can travel better than other people (unless you live in SoCal... I wish my state had that many coasters...)
Hey, SFGAm management, can I buy a couple cages of Sky Whirl?

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