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Hey everyone -

We've come up with the idea to solicit anyone and everyone for great photos of our rides! If you have a good one that you've taken already or if you want to head out and take a photo specifically for this, we're all for it!

For all of the information and for submitting a photo, visit:

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to seeing your photos!

Great Coasters International, Inc

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Can we only submit one?
Only if they're lying when they say "You may upload as many photos as you want." :) *** Edited 7/17/2008 6:21:38 PM UTC by RatherGoodBear***
I submitted a couple of Wildcat at Hershey, makes me wonder why I didn't manage to snap ANY of LR that entire day...
I was about to submit a handful of photos when I saw the condition that the picture cannot be used commercially elsewhere.

Sorry, I'm happy to give rights for you to use my photo, but not at the expense of being able to sell it to someone else later should an offer come up.

I know! I'll send in the one of the ride with the great out and back section loaded with airtime. Oh wait... there aren't any.


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Sounds like a great way for GCI to get royalty free images of their coasters instead of getting off their lazy butts and taking pics of their rides.

If they want to pay for the photos if they use them I would be happy to submit some pics.

Certain victory.

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See, stuff like this borders on commercial solicitation, and I'm uncomfortable with it, regardless of how much I like the company. Park reps have done similar things, mostly for charitable things, but they ask first.

So, we're done with this one.

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Closed topic.

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