Subject Meadowbrook Pool/Park (Ross OH)

Dose anyone around or past resident remember this park?  To the best of my knowlege it was mainly a swiming pool but had some rides.  I distinctly remember there being a old one foot railroad there and other rides that I can not think of.  All thats left is the hall that still dose receptions and stuff.

Any help would be greatly apreciated as to what rides they had other than the train.

Chuck, who distinctly remembers almost drowning in that pool at age 6 and also seen the bathouse burn in the early 80's.

Charles Nungester
Park Jockey :)

Meadowbrook Park is actually in Bascom, Ohio.  The pool, ballroom, and campground are still there.  The train and other rides    ( a lindy loop, and a few others), and outdoor movie screen   were taken out in the 70's.


Merry go round, tilt a whirl,   ferris wheel,   and when my mom was a kid, giant slide, pony rides and  small rowboat (with someone else doing the rowing),   in addition to the train.

That’s not the Meadowbrook we are talking about here. The Meadowbrook Park was in Ross, Ohio. The swimming pool is gone, the arcade room is closed and it’s another business.

The Meadowbrook you’re talking about in Bascomb is a campground with a much smaller pool. The Meadowbrook pool in Ross, OH, was huge, probably three times the size of the one in Bascomb.

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Alan3008 said:

That’s not the Meadowbrook we are talking about here.


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Holy crap! A nineteen-year-old zombie thread. LOL

Not so fast, there. I have been wondering since then which Meadowbrook Park was the one we’ve been talking about, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Now I can relax and enjoy retirement.

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