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Thursday, May 25, 2000 11:22 AM
What coaster do you think has the most "style" of them all. Think about it for a while, it may not be your favorite one to ride, but consider the queue, the trains, the location in the park, anything and everything that says STYLE.

I vote for the Beast. I think the queue has a great look to it (morons with their gum don't count) not to mention the ride's logo, that's wicked. The shape of the ride is unique among woodies, not an out & back, not a twister, it is one of a kind. (SOB is the only thing that comes close) Spread out over 35 acres, you cannot ever see all of it at any one time. Now that's style, baby!

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Thursday, May 25, 2000 11:34 AM
How about Dueling Dragons.From the moment you step in that line its unreal.Starting with the two dragons at the front.Then how awesome is the queue,its an adventure just getting to the ride it self.Then watching the two Dragons battleing it out,its unreal how close they come from one another.Its one styling ride.
Thursday, May 25, 2000 12:49 PM
I'm probably gonna have to go with Dueling Dragons too. Although I'll give credit to Alpengeist, the Big Bad Wolf, and to the Mantis(I just think it looks great).
Thursday, May 25, 2000 2:04 PM
Wow, GREAT QUESTION and TOPIC!! I have to go with the Beast, too. The footprints on the sidewalk, the old shack for a station, and the first and last chain lifts are ALL that we see. The logo, the double helix with a tunnel, and I really love the tunnel in the back, where you just fly through. It's there and gone. That's style, you're right. I really want to ride the Dragons, but won't for about 2 more years. I heard the theming is outstanding, too!

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Thursday, May 25, 2000 2:14 PM
Dueling Dragons, Space Mountain and Rock n Rollercoaster all have great style. I also love the big giant G O L I A T H letter that lead you to one of the world's most stylish coasters.
Thursday, May 25, 2000 2:33 PM
I have to cast my vote for the Beast as well. It's definately a one of a kind. BTW, anybody know what year they got rid of the pond under the station area?

Though, Boulder Dash, at least from the pictures I've seen, looks to be an extremely stylish ride. (Check out the link in the "News" section of this site.) I LOVE terrain coasters. They're more of an adventure, than just a ride.
Thursday, May 25, 2000 3:07 PM
I agree with everyone who said Dueling Dragons. It had a spectacular queue, and a great ride.

I also think Montu was real cool though.
Thursday, May 25, 2000 4:09 PM
Lightning Racers all the way! it has a cool station, a wickedly twisted design, and aewsome "Milenium Flyer" trains!

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Thursday, May 25, 2000 4:27 PM
Gwazi, the new woodie in BGT has got a great new look but Mean Streak at CP still is one damm impressive looking coaster.
Thursday, May 25, 2000 4:30 PM
None of the coasters I've been on compare to the photos of those I haven't been on... Dueling Dragons, Montu, Kraken (see a pattern forming?) all get special recognition there. More bonus points to the Lightning Racer station and Goliath. Villain has a surprisingly well themed station and queue as well.

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Thursday, May 25, 2000 6:40 PM
Since March, I have ridden Montu, Incredible Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Gwazi, Rockin' Rollercoaster, and in 10 more days, Mellinnium Force, Magnum, Raptor plus the rest at CP, then in
July, SOB, and Beast. Only ones I've never ridden (yet) was MF & SOB, but Dueling Dragons has my vote for queues and coaster. I'm sure that will change in 10 days.............
Thursday, May 25, 2000 7:06 PM
I must also mention Kraken. What an interesting station!
Thursday, May 25, 2000 10:08 PM
I have to go with Lightning Racer for wood as the station is absolutely incredible and its an awsome ride. For steel, I go with Alpengehist as it has the most prefect theming imanginable, the line is clean, and the ride kicks some major behind.

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Thursday, May 25, 2000 10:44 PM
How 'bout Great White at Morey's Piers in NJ? There's just something about a wooden coaster next to the ocean...

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Friday, May 26, 2000 12:12 AM
The Beast baby!!!!!!!
Friday, May 26, 2000 7:09 AM
Trackwise.... I pick Raptor.
Raptor = crazy flying bird. just like what the rie feels like. The logo is sweet looking. The trains are unmistakable . The whole track is built rahter higher in the air(there isnt too much close to the ground)which makes you feel more like a blazin bird. The design is totally original. if you look at drawing of its layout it just looks cool. NOW THATS STYLE!!
Friday, May 26, 2000 4:53 PM
I like the look of the rock and roll rollercoaster at MGM. I think the building itself looks neat, the inside looks great, and the crew looks cool in their musical attire
Saturday, May 27, 2000 8:45 AM
Of the coasters I have been on... Montu wins! Not only is it an awsome coaster on its own merits. But, the theming seems to be the best I have seen on a coaster yet. However, from the sounds of it, I can't wait to ride on the Dragons.
Saturday, May 27, 2000 9:28 AM
I think that the Outer Limits: Flight of Fear has some style to it. PKI has put some big moola into that coaster with its Sci-Fi theming.

Saturday, May 27, 2000 12:16 PM
I can't believe no one has mentioned Kumba yet! The coaster seems like it PERFECTLY fits into the surrounding area like the coaster and the Congo section are two puzzle pieces locked together impeccably. The magnificent loop around the lift located behind the river rapids and interlocked corkscrew. The zero-G roll over the station. The cobra roll over the train and literally around a small bridge. Plus there's nothing that compares to that other bridge leading to the queue line. That specific bridge looks directly at the interlocked corkscrews while trains are flying around you from all directions.

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