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I have been searching for info on Stunt Fall at the WB park in Madrid. This is the only other Vekoma giant inverted boomerang other that the Deja Vu coasters, and was curious if it suffers from the same issues and downtime?
No, it is the MOST reliable out of them all. After Six Flags RUSHED Vekoma to get the 3 Vu's open in 2001 they let Vekoma take the time to fix all the problems before Stunt Fall opened. I have never ridden it, but from what I have heard it is by far much better in terms of reliability and ride expierience then any of the Vu's. *** Edited 3/20/2008 7:49:52 AM UTC by Ѕіx Flαgѕ Đαrієή Ĺαkє***

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I have heard this too, but the two times when I was in the park I´ve seen it closed for a whole day and on my second visit it had its share of downtime.

WB Madrid is not under such permanent observation as the US parks, so its problems might get unnoticed.

Stunt Fall is also, like the 2 B&M, not a popular ride at that park! Seems like they misjudged the market there... The 3 big looping coaster usually have little or no wait, while the big, horrible RCCA woodie has huge lines!

I heard stories from friends who litterally marathoned Stunt Fall. Ran from the exit to the entrance, getting on the same train they just got off from.

^This sort of misjudging the market should be considered by SF in planning their park for Dubai! But I am sure they know what they are doing. ;)
^^ Maybe the capacity is far GREATER then the amount of visitors. Or the crews are efficent enough to get the lines moving? Who knows lol, people are weird theres 3 Hour lines for Top Gun at CW and only 30 Min Waits for Italian Job on some days. It all really depends on the crowds that day. Speaking of Six Flags though.. they did an AMAZING job with WB Madrid.. it almost is hard to believe that it WAS A SIX FLAGS.

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Capacity greater than the amount of visitors? I don't think so... Superman: Attraccion Del Acero is a big floorless with 7 inversions, 4000 feet track... and no midcourse brakes. So, it runs 2 trains max. Stunt Fall is a GIB, so capacity is bad.

The park opened with one dark ride type attraction: a Vekoma madhouse... it was insanely popular and it took them years before finally building a second dark ride, A Sally Scooby Doo interactive dark ride. They decided to open the park with 3!!! stunt shows. Of course, those are pretty expensive to run... So, it took them a few years again to get rid of the Batman stunt show and instead, they have a smaller Batman Begins stunt show in the same arena, same cast as the Police Academy Stunt Show.

Dark rides might be really popular, but they are very low capacity. The only thing I now about Stunt Fall is that I think "someone" went to the park, and it wasn't open when they got there. It opened later on in the day. They had a video of the park on some site. So, it must have the same problems as the Six Flags parks. It's just so darn far away from the U.S. that not many people know how it's doing, and assume it's doing better.
The park has a fair share of european enthusiasts who visit it quite often since travelling to Spain is relatively cheap from most neighboring countries.

The misjudging of the market Absimilliard is talking about has more to do with the spanish mentality and the location of the park.

Spaniards love to go with their whole family (3 or 4 generations of people) so they demand many family rides and water rides. While you can marathon the looping coasters the water rides have ridiculous waiting times.

While Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is located right in the middle of the country and is in no way a tourist draw like Barcelona or the coastal holiday resorts.
Madrid familes prefer to visit Parque Attraciones in the city center. It is cheaper, closer, greener and offers a great mix of family rides and a few thrills.

I rode this last July and it seemed to have no issues operating all day. Strangely of note, the very front and very back rows were not being used. Now if I could just get to Magic Mountain to complete my Deja Vu foursome. :-/
^You could have just been lucky everytime you went on it. The breakdowns on any of those rides aren't always visible from afar. If you were constantly going on that ride for a long time, than I will agree with you that it didn't have issues at least part of the day.

That ride could be parked in the station for 20 minutes, and it's not making any noises whatsoever. I can't believe that it's working all the time unless you were near the ride. It's usually unless we encounter that a ride is broke down, that we think that the particular ride was always working. I may be able to see a mouse coaster open whenever I pass by it, but after I walk on in a hour, it's broke down.

In other words, you are assuming that it's operating the whole day unless you were riding that ride that whole day, or timing each cycle (You were determining if that was a reasonable amount of time for that cycle to be sent out.)

I'm guessing you didn't hear any strange noisies from it, and you did actually ride it breakdown free which made you come to the conclusion that it was operating the whole day. If I'm wrong, please tell me.

I want that ride to be open all day even though it doesn't help me at all unless they sell that ride to America.

What kind of makes me believe that it is doing better than the other ones is that a remember an article that said people not liking the seats on the ride. They really hated that, and they didn't say much about how often it was broke that tells me that maybe they did fix it. I don't know??

Are there any people that have did marathons on this ride ever? Could you please post? *** Edited 3/23/2008 6:41:13 AM UTC by Spinout***

I was at Parque de Atracciones in 1982 for the last time.
I can't seem to find a single attraction that hasn't been replaced in the meantime...
But that is probably how the story goes.
In 1982 it was WAY campy in there...
I especially liked the ultra-cheesy Sci-Fi ride that was decorated with aluminum foil on the walls - simple but done with some passion and definitely *different*.

Shame on me - I never made it to WBMW yet - sounds like a looping coaster freaks dream if there is no wait -

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^^ Why do you assume it was down if the person didn't experience downtime?

If I go to a park and never ride something, I'll assume it's up, not down.

Occam's razor (sp?) - Is it more likely that it happened to go down only in between his rides and passes by or that it was up the whole time?

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Okay you got me. I only rode it once so I can't say for sure if it was *really* up all day. But I was in a group of about 50 people and NO ONE mentioned any hint of downtime. Sorry I chose to explore the park instead of camping out at Stunt Fall. :-(

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^^I assume it could be down because it's that type of ride.

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