Study shows theme park customers not fond of dynamic pricing

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A study published last month by researchers Ady Milman and Asli Tasci at the University of Central Florida and student Gaurav Panse at the University of Waterloo in Canada surveyed parkgoers’ feelings toward dynamic pricing. It found consumers don’t like it, especially when it means they know they paid more than others.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel via The Port Charlotte Sun.

Don’t most enclosed stadiums have that problem?

I don’t know. It is the only domed stadium I’ve ever seen a concert in. I can tell you that the warbling effect (think of when someone has one window down in a car and your eardrums feel like they are going to explode) is really bad and painful.

I was up in the cheap seats for both. Not the highest deck…but second highest…

I do know that those were my two worst concert experiences…

We have a house here in Columbus, 1957’s Mershon Auditorium at The Ohio State University, that is known for having some of the most precise acoustics anywhere, and there’s nothing more pleasing. I remember years ago we went to hear operatic soprano Leontyne Price and took seats upstairs in the last row. She performed acoustic, if you will, and we never missed even the quietest note.
Now at a capacity of 2,500 we won’t find Metallica on stage there, but for smaller concerts and lectures it can’t be beat.

There's a similar auditorium up at U of M in Ann Arbor from 1913 with a capacity of ~3,500 that also has extremely good acoustics. I can say from experience that if you are sitting in the back row of the balcony, you can hear a speaker on stage without amplification. Though I can't say for certain, its rumored that you can hear a pin drop in that back row.

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