Stuck train on lift restarts with restraints up.

Stumbled across a link to this over at Negative-G. It's the Python at Efteling in the Netherlands. It appears they are just starting to remove people from the ride when the chain starts up again and the train heads out onto the course with what appears to be restraints in the up position.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

I think the train was balanced then gravity took over after they let peeps in the back of the train out (very .. uh... well, why would you do that???)

I think that they let everyone out and then purposefully let it run but I think that they would have put down the restraints.

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It's known that you can't unload a train on the crown. They would have to chain/secure it before doing something like that.
Well, judging from the audio, the reaction of the filmers sound like total shock and worry. Then when the train starts down the hill you hear a scream like you normally hear when trains go down hills, and it would appear that there were people in the middle of the train. I know that the light is bad and I don't speak Dutch so I have no clue.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

Looks as though the only cars with open restraints are the last few and there didn't appear to be any riders in those seats. Weird, but I don't think anything bad happened.
A worker was hurt as well. So don't think that was planned. Pretty crazy to do something like that. I would have liked to have been in the train though ;)
looks like someone was steeping out too
It definitely wasn't planned. The park announced they were going to change their procedures and notify everyone in the park as of the change so something like this wouldn't happen again. If that was a planned event, they wouldn't have reacted that way. Scary sh1t.
Considering a Op or park personell was trying to let someone out in the front of the train when it started going over and then had to jump out of the way.

They didn't just let it go. The took the weight out of the back and the weight up front pulled it on over.

At almost every North American park, They will not evacuate if the train has crested. You'll either sit there till power comes back or a fire department will tie the train off and then do it.


It reminded me of Final Destination 3 when they were trying to hold the OTSR down as it went through the loops and cork screw.
It was a big media circus in the netherlands. They atually followed policy to evacuate from the back, but they failed to secure the train to prevent the train rolling off the hill due to the changed weight distribution.

There used to be more videos around, but all the Youtube videos disappeared very fast.
I saw a video in higer resolution where you can clearly see somebody (worker) jumping off of the second car when it begins to roll.

If you looked very close you can see a passenger in the 3rd or 4th car reaching back and closing the OTSR. If there were small children or unexperienced riders in that car it could have led to a catastrophe!

Python runs those new, very open Kumbak trains and produces quite a lot of airtime on the hill/turnaround after the second loop.

Efteling messed up an evacuation in one of its suspended dark rides some time ago. In this case it was only a very small fire, but the evacuation took over an hour! Again, this could have been a very disastrous event. Only pure luck prevented it.

That's somewhat disturbing.
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I don't mean to sound disrespectful in any way, but why does it seem all of the major coaster accidents or huge operating errors are from across the ocean?

Speculation yes, but with the numbers adding up if you ask me.

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^I don´t think there is a measurable pattern. If you compare the USA with Europe AND Asia you have very uneven proportions.

Which timeframe do you take into consideration?

I didn´t have to think hard to come up with some relatively recent incidents in the USA, some even fatal.

Disney had several accidents (Big Thunder, California Screaming) which could be blamed on faulty maintenance.

Don´t forget people falling out of rides - partly due to restraints that were not used as requested. (SRoS, Perilous Plunge, Hydro)

Workers and guests being overrun by rides and the horrible accident at Kentucky Kingdom.

Yes, it is alarming that we find out more and more of these problems. But in pre-internet/mobile-phone camera days nobody would have heard of this particular incident.

The recent news from Japan were disturbing, especially when things happen in a country that is usually seen as über-safety concerned.

Maybe, we just have to get used to the fact that we are living in a post-industrialized world. Our infastructure is getting old while we take it for granted and begin to act careless.

Looking at the video again, you'll also see that the rider in the 2nd row of the first car has to pull down their OTSR as well.
OK, watch the back of the train on the side facing the camera... Is that someone standing beside and running up the steps to help push a restraint down or did they hop off at the last second?
I translated the caption using babel fish. I accidenlty did it in Italian first then portugese then back to dutch then I finally got it to english. This is what it says.

The visitors of python of the attraction in Efteling run away it literally to die. The delayed worlds more were had cancelled already, but then the assemblies russian mountain start in way that they exactly coil of a battle.

it made more sense in dutch

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