Strickers Sunday, Anyone else?

Strickers Grove is open to the public this sunday aug 13th. I believe the hours are 1-5 with a hour break and then 6-8. Free parking, 50 cent drinks. 9 dollar POP and the best corn on the cob in the country.

See you there!

Chuck, who will probably be at the flyers all day.

50 cents? Drinks were free last year!
I'm a possibility for Strickers, I just don't know yet.
Maybe they are free, I know it's cheap :)

See you there if your comming!

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I'm even "in the area" (kinda) AND CAN'T GO...considering my penchant for sending parks *into the nevermore*, maybe it's best for Stricker's that I never manage a visit... ;)

I had one GOOD shot at Stricker's, but was unaware of the place at the time...DID get LeSourdsville though, so I figure I'm up one....Stricker's is still around at least...*grumbles unintelligibly*...

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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Wish I could go, but I'll have to settle for the Dells this weekend. Seriously, the Dells should be a great time, but I really wanted to get to Stricker's this year. Maybe Gator and I can go next year. Hopefully I'll null Bill's "effect" on the park. :)
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^ Dude, we are SO there...

Esp. after seeing shots of the ORIGINAL Teddy Bear just yesterday... Coney was SO cool... :)

THinking of the "go back in time to ride" threads - give me about 75 years, put me in Ohio/PA, and I'd never want to return to *my time*....

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