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Trip: Stricker's Grove
Date: August 11th, 2002
Weather: 94' Hot and sunny and soon to turn into SEVERE storms.

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Now Realizing Just How Many Ohio Parks Are All Within 15 Minutes Of Each Other,

So far the past 2 days have been interesting to say the least. Shawna and I had to change all our plans at the last second due to "Airport Security" so we didn't get back to Ohio until late Sat. and missed Screech Fest :( I was however able to hustle on down and get to Stricker's Grove for the last day they are open to the public this year :)

Stricker's Grove is this strange little park out in the middle of "Bible Belt Land." You pass right through a small town, past a cornfield and then next thing you know you see two white wooden coasters poking out behind some trees. I pulled in to free parking (very nice) and payed my $8 for a ride all day pass and free drinks...great deal! Stricker's Grove is layed out in a "T" shape pattern. Straight ahead is some BBQ pits and food, A little to your left is the Stricker's Grove Head Quarters (a house), and way to your left is horse shoes, volley ball, baseball, and some open fields. A little to your right is all the picnic pavillions and shaded picnic areas. There is a midway on your right, which is basically the "main midway." All the rides and games are off of this midway. Now that you know the layout how about the rides?

The rides opened up right at 2pm on the dot. There was already a nice gathering of ACErs and A LOT more to come later throughout the day. We headed to the Tornado. For those who don't know Mr. Stricker made these coasters himself so they are QUITE unique :) This ride, to me, had an erry resemblence to Raging Wolf Bobs at SFWoA. I don't know if it was the trains, the color of it, or just the station and the pullout but it made me shiver before it started. The layout is nothing like Raging Wolf Bobs so don't worry...This ride has a simble pull down bar and a seat divider. The first hill is decent and EVERY hill has a steep pullout making for some nice G's the wierd thing is most of the hills are decent untill the middle. You think you have the pattern down and then the middle hill comes and LAUNCHES you into the lapbar. If this thing didn't have upstops it feels like the train is going to backflip! Nice drop!! and then there is one more time it does that on the very last hill if you sit towards the front. Overall I rode it 8 times in various parts of the train with the front being the best.

Next to that (which by the way the Tornado is the farthest point from the front gate and sits next to the "main road." ) is the flying Scooters. These are alum. tubes and are nice but I nor any other ACErs with me could get these things to snap for the life of us. It seems like they really really want to but you just don't have that extra oompfh (if that really is a word.) After I hopped off that I went to the Teddy Bear. A nice family coaster with some decent turn arounds and speed. VERY smooth drops pullouts and turns. The Tornado reminds me of a big version of Zach's Zoomer while the Tedddy Bear reminds me a lot like Sea Dragon at Wyandot Lake.

Along the midway you'll find a Tilt-A-Whirl which I think I pulled the most G's EVER in for a human being riding by himself...I never wanted a ride to stop before...but....WOW! They have a fun Tip Top. A Ferris Wheel which just makes it above the tree tops but has some nice country views. A helicopter Jetson style ride.

My favorite ride of the day had to be what some one there told me was a "Cuddle Up" I don't know if that is the name of it or not but it had two spinning platforms that did not move they had "Tea Cup" style cars (4 on each circle) but you cold not spin them. The cars spun around the circle and then meshed in the middle and went over to the other circle. Out of all the parks I have been to, I have never seen one of these (and I have been to a lot of parks.) The cups made a figure eight pattern around the circles while the forces made them spin. This ride was a BLAST very fun and great visuals!

Across from that they have a kiddie Turtle and Whip ride. Right next to that is a Pavillion that has 3 kiddie rides under it, a rocket ship, 50's car circle ride thing, and a kiddie floating boat circle ride (in which the circle is really overflowing with water.) They also have a very nice looking carousel for a small park operation.

Around the WHOLE park and some corn fields they have a train ride that makes a HUGE loop for such a small park.A nice relaxing trip that I bet is even better in the fall. The families seemed to love this ride. I did break down or they shut it down for a while though in the middle of the's not a good thing when the conductor comes walking back and he doesn't have the train with him... ;)

I played a few games talked to quite a few ACErs and employees and overall enjoyed the time there very much. I had to get back home early and I had a 4+ hour drive home (not to mention storm warnings were popping up everywhere.) So I had to leave early. I think I saw whom I guessing was Kara (I ran into her in quite a few times lately at various parks strangely enough) By the way, did you say you around this great coaster state for good now, Kara ;) ? Sorry I couldn't stay and talk with everyone who was there.

It was a great time at a small park and with in VERY close distant of LeSourdsville Lake and PKI so it's not a bad day at all to come and visit. The park was VERY clean and seemed nice and tidy everywhere. Everyone had smiles, people where friendly and the rides where great! I had a great show home of lightning so it made the trip home not to bad :)

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Too bad there not really a public park, I guess it's not their bag!

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I like Strickers Grove but I didn't make it there this year. Any word if they'll have "Customer Appreciation Day this year? I went in October and had a blast.

I started out with nothing and still have most of it left.

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