Strickers Grove Family Day. Flyerfest :)

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Rob and I had this added to our vacation week agenda and though it's local, Strickers is only open a couple days a year to the public.

Arriving at 12:30 we thought they opened at noon, Anyhow the DJ started soon after and the the food was on the grill shortly. About 1pm April, Pete and Kelly Show up and we talk to them about our Dells trip until the rides open.

I can't pass up flyers do we all do a flyer ride and April is very close to snapping :)

A few more rides on the coasters, train, ferris wheel and back to the table for drinks and chat. Guess everyone wasn't into it, Including I as April and Kelly decided to leave. Pete left soon after and Me and Rob are kinda bummed. The reason for our whole visit is to be with friends. We entertain ourselves by watching the carabien drum core of Elder High school and the rides reopen at six.

Back to the flyers and WHOA, Todd Bills, James Moreland, Rob, Dave Altolf and Dave Bowers are there :) WOW, THE PKI Flyer gang is here :) Lets just say that while some rides weren't great, These eight tub flyers provided a few rides that were PKI comparable with snappage and tree trimmage. Once I hit a limb so hard I thought I damaged the tub, Lucky I didn't. A few coaster rides for somes credits and ending the night on the Flyers made for a great evening.

James Moreland and Todd Bills, I can't be around you guys without having fun :) Thanks!

Chuck, who overall got to see a lot of friends over the course of the day and was thankful for that :)

I really like the new location of the flyers. It probably doesn't make sense but they seem to run a lot better than they did in the old location!
I agree, They seem to run better over there. Still, The more people making the up and down swing motion, The easier it is to snap and get launched for altitude


Maybe that was it. More people than usual were trying to get some action. I usually see parents riding with a little kid and basically going around in circles.
Yup, Glad to meet you BTW


Chuck, yeah I think we saw that run where you almost damaged the tub. We knew we were outclassed in flyer ability and waited for the next run.

My 2-year-old son and I came close to snapping. He had a ball. Stricker's Family Day is always a blast. This year was no exception. Besides, how often do I get to cram myself into a Kiddie Whip?


You forgot to mention that my buddy, Rick was with us at Stricker's. He is very quiet around people he doesn't know.

We are very sorry that we left early. We had no intentions of staying for the second ride session, due to the long drive home. We had a really nice time. I hope we can get together next time and spend more time with you and Rob.

Let me know if you visit any PA parks. We will have to get together, OK?

Keep the small parks alive!
Wish I could've made it, ended up not going to the Ohio State Fair like I originally planned, was told that the place was a madhouse anyway, and that the coaster selection really hadn't improved since last year. Should've went to Stricker's!! But ended up at Newport Aquarium (Yawn! Been there too many times! But the kids love it.)

Did anybody here if they plan to do a fall family day?

Sounds like the event could be re-named Flyerfest! I hope ya did have fun though. *** Edited 8/19/2005 2:17:35 AM UTC by Floorless Fan***

Now officially a Halloween Haunt Cornstalker for Fall '08!
I believe the fall family day has been announced for October 9th. And I was hoping for the 2nd.;)
Rick, No hard feelings dude, It takes some effort just to make it for you. Im not upset with anyone and ended up having a great time anyway. Pete, It's always a pleasure :)

Coaster Family, Introduce yourselves unless your Iggy ACE (Great guy btw)


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Where did they move their Flyers to in the park?
I won't be getting there at all this year.

Marriage... new house....& more!

The flyers were moved to where the tilt-a-whirl used to be. The tilt is now right next to the entrance to Tornado and the midway in that area has been widened with new concrete and the beginnings of what looks like will be a fountain. I have a hunch the Schwabinchen will be going between the Tornado and the Teddy Bear, roughly where the Flyers used to be. The spot formally known as the crazy dazy is now just grass :(

I thought the fall day was Oct. 8. I'll have to check the flyer again.

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I wish I could of made it out there this time Chuck but I had a GREAT time during the 4th hanging with you guys. You and Rob were maniacs on the flyers (I am

Did you manage to take some of the trees with you like last time? :-)


Better than the fourth :)

Chuck, who missed da queen on the family day :)

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