Strickers Grove 8/13/06

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Woke up, Got out of Bed, Dragged a comb across my head.

Found my way to Robscoast and picked him up, Leaving his house I thought we were running late.

OK, Enough Beatles.

Me and Rob got to Strickers about 1:20 thinking they opened at 1:00 as ususal we were early.

Just before opening Rob Leclair showed up and we chatted. It was good to see him getting around without a cane as after a picture was shown of his leg and what he had done to it to put it back together. I was stunned he was even walking! He has to have 20 screws in his leg!

The rides opened at two so we had time to enjoy some free pop and chat and visit the waterless urinals before we started riding.

The rides opened and we made our way back, Me and Rob opted for a tilt a whirl ride and got some good spinnage but few extreme spinnage moements. We then hit the flyers where snappage and tree hitting were taking place early and often.

Some others showed up, Like Brian Neil and others but we were thinking April either got lost or wasn't comming Sad

We took a couple Teddy Bear rides which was giving airtime in several spots in the backseat. (Funny, I don't remember anything but a pop comming back in the station sometimes before)

More flyer rides and about 3pm a breeze starts up that virtually eliminates snappage and treeage.

Well about 4pm we had enough trying to fight the wind, April showed up finally and told us Dave Altolf and Dave Bowers would be in about six. So we took a couple more flyer rides and a couple other rides and decided it was time for some grub.

Strickers has Grilled food. I love grilled food and from our party it was aparent everyone else does too!

You could get a burger platter with potato salad, a ear of corn and bag of chips for like $4.50 or something, I opted for a cheesburger and two ears of corn.

The corn is silver queen corn and it is delicious and not to be missed if you ever visit!

Well we ate, The rides closed for a hour at 5 till 6 and we conversed and chatted with various other enthusiast or local park goers. Rob Lec was kinda wanting to leave but hung out anyway and stayed a short after the rides re-opened. Im glad as Rob is a all around nice guy and I enjoy his company and friendship despite not seeing but a few times a year.

We got a small group photo and the rides reopened and I conducted Chucks Flyer School after a couple rides which the wind was still blowing and holding us up, Rob said heck with this and busted a move and got some of the best altitude and snappage I've seen yet out of Strickers 8 tub model.

About 6:30 there was a ride in which I wasn't going to make but April would. She said, " Will you tell me how Im doing?" I said, Id do better than that, Id show her and guide her durring her ride.

I told april to as she went in the upward direction to just turn the wing inward just a little and as soon as she started down to turn it hard inward and then wait for my signal to turn out. she said "OK" and off she went.

Well my advice worked as April got good up and down movement going from just keeping the wing slightly inward on the upward trip. After about the third swoop I yelled Out at a point just before she got to the bottom of her swoop and she turned the wing out.

I BET SHE HAD TEN GOOD SNAPS AND HIT THE TREE EVEN! She put Rob on that particular ride to shame and he wasn't doing too shabby either!

Ok, From 7-9:00 there was some major snappage and tree banging happening. Rob Lec took a final Tornado ride about 7pm and then said his goodbyes. But Brian Neal, Myself, Robscoast, April and Dave Altolf, David Bowers along with some guy named Jim and a employee started putting on a show with snappage and treeage and carnaige everywhere.

The gang left for a bit about 8 with just me and Rob and I knocked a bird out of the tree. The ride op caught him and named him christopher. The bird appeared unhurt and I was glad for that. I think he'll be ok. I sure don't want PITA on my ass!

April and Dave and others come back and April takes another ride alone and scares the bejesus out of herself Smile

She made me proud!

Me and Rob tried some different camcorder shots as we had filmed about everything there before. We tried Flyer cam, Reverse flyer cam, Scrambler cam and of course got footage of flyers and people on flyers.

I was told I was too busy teaching April to actually catch her treeage but I got some snap footage of her.

9pm Park closes and we chat all the way out and into the parking lot and for a little bit after getting there.

You know, Some might say a small park like Strickers might get a little old visiting twice in a year and for only having a dozen rides or so.

I HAD A GREAT TIME WITH GREAT PEOPLE! and thats all that mattered!

Charles A. Nungester

Great Tr, Chuck.
I will have to hit Strickers some day.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


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