Storm Runner

While at HP I was told by a security guard that a major part broke and it will be down for a few weeks. Anybody here anything?

gary b
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I here.

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When were you there? It was supposed to be down for the month of May, but their web site is no longer indicating that it is down. I assumed that meant it was fixed.

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Mamoosh said:
I here.

That's neither hear nor they're.

What am I not getting?

gary b
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The fact that you spelled hear as here.

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Ok, but, um, were you not really wanting to talk about Storm Runner? 'Cause I responded to your post.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

I was at Hershey Sunday, and Storm Runner ran for a few hours. When we left the waterpark to ride it was back down again.

I know they rebuilt the trains in the off season. They had to wait for parts for the trains after the season started.

WOw at first I thought I was missing an inside joke but that is extremely embarrasing!So it's good to hear it's going again. Wonder what the major part was?

gary b
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Don't sweat it, Gary. Frequenting CoasterBuzz will definitely improve your communicating

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^Or you get angry and storm(runner) off... ;)

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Ok. So what's the verdict ? Is it down for a while, or is it up and down daily ??

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LostKause said:
Don't sweat it, Gary. Frequenting CoasterBuzz will definitely improve your communicating

Communication skills, actually. :)

I believe the verdict would be that its an Intamin. Like many other major Intamins this year it experienced unreasonably long and frequent downtimes on top of not being able to open with the park for the season like all other manufacturuer's rides did. Although I guess that's not unique to this year and is just standard Intamin practice.

I didn't realize they had to replace the trains this year. How old is that ride? How many other Intamins had to replace their trains this year as well? Quality engineering...

Did they buy new trains or just tear down and rebuild the trains during the off season as I understand they usually do?

gary b
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They didn't appear any different to me.

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not that it is an example of quality but the ptc trains at holiday world are " rehabed every other year. This is probably holiday world going above and beyond to keep their coaster in good shape but I think that trains being rebuilt is pretty coomon.

SR was running pretty regularly this evening.

Yeah I was there yesterday, and it ran all day with 1 train operation. I got a lap in the 2nd row with about a 15 minute wait.

I am lovin the new wave pool & lazy river additions myself. Nice way to spend a hot summer day.

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Storm Runner, as with many of the coasters at Hershey have their trains rebuilt each offseason. From what I understand there were some issues obtaining parts from Intamin, though no one is saying what those issues were. I am glad to hear that its up and running, as we decided against Hersheypark last week in lieu of Lakemont and Delgrossos this Wednesday due to Storm Runner being down. I am at the point with the cost of admission for Hersheypark that I expect to see all attractions open, otherwise I will spend my $50 elsewhere.

Question for anyone who has been to the new "Seashore". Is the lazy river just lazy, or more of an action/rapids type tube river? Thanks!

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