Stop the insanity!

I was just over on Screamscape, and they posted that CP made an announcement that, it will make it's BIG! announcment tomorrow.

Canaries are currently floating around my head, as I try to regain full consciousness. Why!.......for the love of everything holy, do they have to do this crap? Just make the frickin announcement already. Your not Hollywood, it's not a major motion picture that's being released; Your running for president of the USA, and getting ready for your inaugural speech. It's just a ride, Say what it is, and move on to building it.


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It's a flume. There....happy?

Moosh......They made an announcement today, about making it tomorrow. Udda Yudda Yudda. HUH? Sitting here, now with a confused look on my face.

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If anyone needs to stop the insanity, its you.

Okay, I'm on my way to CP to stop them before it gets anymore out of control.

Newly fabricated B&M track (not primed or painted yet) has appeared in the manufacturing facility in Ohio.

I call B&M Floorless for Cedar Point 2010. ;)

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^ Okay, show us the pix, wise guy!

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Hopman - kRaX isn't being a wiseguy. Pics of the unpainted track are on Screamscape.

Consider this: Cedar Fair has a Setpoint Roller Soaker (the one that used to be at Carowinds) in storage. Cedar Point is getting a new "water ride" in 2010. They've ruled out virtually every manufacturer except Intamin and...wait for it...Setpoint.


^ Relocated Roller Soaker? I could see it. I find it weird that such a large park only has two water rides right now.

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Do we really need a new thread about CP's next ride?

In 12 hours you'll have a shiny new thread in the news forum and no questions.

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