Steve Harvey Show on location at IOA.

Monday, April 8, 2002 12:27 PM

For anyone that watches this show, did any of you catch the episode where they went on a field trip to IOA?

Steve Hightower was telling Regina that he wasnt scared of any coaster but wouldnt ride with Regina at the time. She gets in line for The Hulk and is able to cut in front of everyone else by flirting with one of the line que employees.

What I found humorous is when they had on ride footage of Regina which looked like she was actually riding it. However when Steve Hightower and Romeo rode it later on, it looked like they were just sitting in the train with the backround moving to look like they were riding it.

Did anyone else notice this? By the way, they also had some great footage of the Hulk blasting through the tunnel and showing the ride going through the circuit.

"The Peoples Elbow" or "The Spinaroonie?. Cant decide which is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment!!! LOL

Monday, April 8, 2002 1:44 PM
Chi: not to put a damper on your parade or anything, but you *do* know that that particular episode is about two years old right? I saw it not too long before my first visit to IOA in June of 2000. In fact, I believe I made a post about it back when you and I still posted to the World Of Coasters website ;)

Admittedly though, I didnt catch the Romeo thing...
Besides, if we were really shutting down people we disagreed with, would Jeremy (2Hostyl) still be around? :) I think not. - Jeff 1/24/02

Monday, April 8, 2002 8:13 PM
No damper Jeremy. I have been watching the re-runs for the past 6 months. Thats pretty much when I started watching the show. I just caught this episode for the first time last week. Oh well, old news.

Im going to grab a cold one! WHAT? Walk to my computer! WHAT? Turn the thing on! WHAT? Log on to Coasterbuzz! WHAT? I said log on to Coasterbuzz!! WHAT?WHAT?WHAT?


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